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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jeffwass, May 31, 2008.

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    Hi fellow Mac fans.

    I just got married, and would like to make my own edited wedding video. At our wedding, we contracted a videographer to film the event and provide us with the raw video. He who provided us with two DVDs, with a total of 3.5 hours of footage.

    We have the option to pay the videographer to provide an edited wedding video for us, but we'd prefer to make the edited version ourselves from the raw footage (or at least try), so we can really optimize the video for our own tastes, and with our preferred scenes.

    So far I have the two DVD's, but I am not sure where to start. By searching online, some pages recommended using Handbrake to convert the DVD to an MP4. I did this, but trying to import the huge two hour-long MP4 file into iMovie says it will take 1000 minutes.

    I'm convinced there must be a better way to do this. I am thinking of breaking up the scenes of that 2 hour video into the pieces I want with QuickTime Pro (I haven't bought it yet). And then perhaps I can import those into iMovie.

    But this also begs the question that for some parts of the reception I'll want unbroken audio from the raw footage, but with the ability to cut/paste video parts to go with it.

    Or is what I'm doing totally ridiculous, and that there's a much better way to do this?

    Should we request from the videographer the video in a different format than just the two DVDs?

    I am totally new to both iMovie and iDVD, and any kind of video editing. But I'm excited to try them out. But at this stage I am having trouble getting my raw DVD footage imported.

    I appreciate any help y'all can provide. Thanks.
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    DVD-Video is highly compressed so the actual tapes from the camera would be much better quality. However, you'll have to have a compatible VTR or camera to play the tapes for capturing.

    If you decide to stick with the DVD footage, MPEG Streamclip (freeware) can demux and convert the DVD's VOB files into an edit-friendly format for use in iMovie (.dv stream).

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    Thanks for the responses

    Thanks for the responses, I appreciate the help.

    So do you know if iMovie will reasonably be able to handle a 1.5 hour and 2.0 hour DV files? Or should I try to clip them down before even working with iMovie?

    BTW, on a similar note, are there any good suggestions for iMovie tips and tricks websites?

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    Use Roxio Toast to rip it to DV. If you use handrake you'll lose quality going from the DVD to .mp4. Then when you export the video out of iMove, you might lose quality again depending on the output format. Use DV. The files while be huge, by lossless.
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    Assuming you are on a recent Mac, iMovie will handle the DV files fine. You will need a ton a disk space though.

    While you will be able to use iMovie, IMO this is a job for Final Cut Express.

    I second MPEG Streamclip to convert the VOB to DV, but you will need to buy the Quicktime MPEG-2 Codec from Apple, which is like $20 or so. So while the software is free, you will need to pay for the codec.
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    hi Jeff,

    First. Congrats.

    2nd. your videographer should give you a copy of the master tapes. I hope you had/have a contract with him that states he can give you the tapes? It sounds like you do b/c he's got an option to edit so there must be something to give you the tapes. Most videographers will have a charge for it b/c they are obviously losing the business of editing/producing the final cut for you. That said, you paid him to video the wedding so he should provide a worthy copy of the wedding. It might not be the master, but a full NTSC taped copy would be perfect.

    I have to say, I'd be royally ticked if it wasn't in the contract to have a worthy copy.

    Providing you a copy on DVD was probably for review?

    Also, if he's willing to give you a copy on tape and if you don't have a camcorder, but have an external hard drive, have him transfer the tapes onto the hard drive for you. Just make sure it's a proper NTSC .mov or avi in the least. That will be the same thing as you transferring the tape.

    Then, back those files up and edit away.

    There is also the train of thought that he's the professional (and I'm only assuming) that you're not so his final version might be better than yours. He may have a workflow that involves making a cut, then providing a review copy with the timecode stamped for clients to make further notes for editing. More expensive probably, but it's an option.

    If it were me and I could afford it, i'd pay him so I could "tackle" my wife as much as possible in that post wedding marital bliss :) lol


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