iMovie "Lost Connection With Camera"

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Willderbeast, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Jul 18, 2005
    Hi all

    Just for the record, I'm an experienced video-maker (i'm not trying to be pretenious) who has been using iMovie (versions 2 and 4 primarily) for 4 years or so. Recently, I've been editing a video with iMovie 4 on a computer at my workplace (a school). When I got my own G5, I copied the iMovie file onto external HD and on to my computer at home.

    I started editing the iMovie 4 file in iMovie HD (it did the whole version change thing) but when I exported (and then frequently at random moments while editing later) the program would "unexpectedly quit". This really sucks when you're trying to make a video for people (and get paid) but their video had no way to get onto VHS.

    I uninstalled iMovie HD on my G5 and reinstalled iMovie 4, starting again with the original file from the school computer (a file not tainted by iMovie HD). The problem remains, but instead of actually quitting now iMovie 4 prepares (as HD did) and then brings up the message "Lost connection to Camera".

    I've used the same camera and firewire cables for many other projects and its a Panasonic, which is totally supported by iMovie 4 & HD. I've even changed the camera and cables.

    Whats happening?!
    Help much appreciated.

    Ps. The video is in PAL and is 18 minutes long.
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    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    First: did you wiggle it? It's never written in the FAQs, but try it. Wiggle the cable. Humor aside, make sure you have a good connection, that the cable is in good order and the tips free of oxide.

    Now how to trouble shoot:
    Connect the camera to your Mac.
    Finder --> About This Mac --> More Info -> Hardware ->FireWire

    What do you see? If both FireWire interface and the camera (or unknown FireWire device) are listed, then I have no idea what to tell you. Perhaps somebody else can chime in.

    1.) bad cable. Least likely, but best for your pocket book. Borrow another cable and see if it works.

    2.) bad connector on the camera's end. This is the likely culprit, if the cable isn't bad. The Mini connector on all DV cameras takes a lot of stress. This happened to camera of a friend of mine. It was an expensive fix.

    3.) bad FireWire connector at the computer end.

    Best of luck.

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