iMovie Obscene Render Sizes

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by JDLang76, Mar 20, 2019.

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    Jan 1, 2018
    Using a Mac Pro.
    Just got 2 WD Blacks 6TB and put them in RAID 0 solely for my iMovie library for this 4K project. It will consist of importing appx 20 100gb 4K videos into iMovie. iMovie does a great job of editing 4K footage but I've run into a problem with this large project.

    The first video is 160gb. It imported quickly. However, the render files are still generating. They are at 660gb and counting (on top of the 160gb for the file itself). I can budget 1TB per video and grab 2 more HDDs and add them to the RAID array. But I'm worried even 24TB might not be enough. I know the render files can be deleted but that hurts editing performance.

    Any solutions for saving disk space without losing performance?
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    No, but it sounds familiar. I have several hundred hours in a FCPx project of my own, being done on a maxed out iMac with 64gb of ram. Its two 10GB 1080p sources broken into a hundred short clips being stitched together, and its too much for this iMac to handle. Runs out of memory, consumes the entire SSD & scratch disk & crashes, cant render transitions... Im about to flush all my work in this project and about a dozen other started ones down the drain and start completely over in Premiere, or just say to hell with it and forget film projects entirely. 15 years ago I had better results.

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