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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by aka.seim, Mar 5, 2012.

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    When you make a trailer in iMovie this video has a poster frame or thumbnail that is shown as preview in Finder and in iTunes. This is a picture compose with the title and the credits frames.

    The problem is that when you import this video to iPhoto the app doesn't import the thumbnail and show as preview the first frame that in my case is always a black frame. This is a bigger problem in my iPad because there is no way that the photo app shows the titles of the videos so all my trailers are black pictures and I have to play all of them to find the one I want.

    I know there's no way in iPhoto to select the frame or a picture as thumbnail but maybe there is an app that forces iPhoto to import also the thumbnails iMovie makes and export this also to the iPad.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi aka.seim,

    I stumbled across your question when searching for the same answer. I don't have one for you, sorry, but I can share my work around. It's not a solution again, its a work around. So until some really knowledgeable person responds to this thread with the real solution this is the best I've got. What I do is take a screen shot of the frame I want as my thumbnail. So play you trailer in full screen and pause at the frame you want then do your screen shot. (command, shift, 3) then import your trailer from iMovie into iTunes and then open your screen shot in Paintbrush and hit Image, image size and change it to pixel size 335X475 save and then import your trailer to iTunes. Use the get info right click command to edit and go to the artwork and put your new paintbrush image as the artwork. That's working for me so far but I'd like to see a real solution sometime. I hope this at least gets you thru till we see something better. Good luck!

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