IMovie Troubles - Importing .VOB (DVD)

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by easyrotor, Feb 25, 2007.

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    Feb 25, 2007
    Little new to this. I'm trying to bring video over from Sony Mini-DVDs to iMovie, problem #1. No problem getting DV through FireWire from JVD MiniDV Cam in "DV" Mode, problem #2.

    So... I can use QuickTime to convert to MPEG4 or DVDxDV to extract and save from DVD to say iMovie format. I can drag and drop mounted DVDs onto iMovie, result seems to be short soundless clips in iMovie. Why?

    With Problem #2, I believe it impossible to use the JVC GR-HD1U and FireWire to pass on HD to iMovie. Need a HD convert and capture card, right?
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    At this point, you don't need to even search this section of the forums. Browsing the first page or three of topic lists will get you the answer many times over.
    That's because it's not designed to work that way.
    No, you don't need a capture card. Here's what to do when capturing HDV from that camera into iMovie:

    1. Open the flip-out LCD on your camera.
    2. Look at the buttons and switches.
    3. At the top left corner, there's a "PLAY MODE" switch between "Video" and "Memory." Make sure that's set to "Video."
    4. At the bottom left corner, there's an "i.LINK OUT" switch between "DV" and "MPEG2." Make sure that's set to "MPEG2."
    5. Connect all your wires appropriately. The camera should be plugged into wall power. Make sure the FireWire cable is connected between the camera and your Mac.
    6. Turn the camera on.
    7. Hit "Play" on the camera. Be certain that HDV material is playing.
    8. At this point, start up iMovie. This is very important. Have HDV material playing before you start up iMovie.
    9. Make a new project, set for 720p30 HDV.
    10. Now you can stop the camera playing if it hasn't stopped itself, and at this point you should have deck control from iMovie so you can hit rewind there and start your capture.

    Apologies if the beginning of this post sounded harsh but seriously that first question has been asked and answered here more times than any other question.

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