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    Oct 1, 2011
    Recently, I made a short video consisting of different clips I filmed at a dance contest. I turned down the volume all the way to zero in every single one of the clips, so I could put a certain song I wanted to my video, which I did. When I completed the video, I would watch it in iMovie, and for most of the video, it was fine, until all of the sudden, in the exact same two spots every time, the actual audio from the clip would just start playing in the back round. I would rewind, and play past that same part again, and the audio from the clip playing in the back round would be gone. It seems like it just happens whenever it wants to. I finally just tried exporting the entire video in 720p, and watched it, and tried exporting it several times, and every time, the audio from the clips will just play in the back round, pretty much throughout the whole video, even though when I went back and checked the clips, every single one of the clips has it's volume turned down to zero. So im not quite sure what to do. I have pretty much tried everything.

    -Thank You
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    Try using the "Detach Audio" option in the Clip menu, and then delete the audio tracks.

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