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    Feb 16, 2010
    I have a '10 mbp i7 2.66Ghz that I'm using to convert some old vhs tapes, before they fall apart.

    I'm using a dv camera to convert into iMovie. The first couple of files I have completed were simple selections cut from the "Event" and exported as a large 720x540 movie.

    At this point I would appreciate a few pointers, on the best way to deal with this video, this is my first attempt and I am a little confused about the best way to deal with - especially the best way to output the video.

    The reason for this post - I have a full tape of almost 2hr currently exporting, but I keep getting an error -34, after 3-4hrs, just its finishing. I googled this and its supposed to be about hd space? So, I dumped as much from my hd as I could, making 270GB of free space, but this error is still happening.

    Is 2hrs just too long of a video?

    Would exporting to a different format make a difference?

    thanks for your help.
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    Feb 16, 2010
    hmmm, looks like changing the share settings to medium made all the difference, and the quality doesn't seem to have been affected. (though I still don't see it being a problem with disc space).

    I'm still a little confused about the best size vs quality settings for something as low res as vhs, but I'll keep investigating.
  3. whitenoise, Mar 1, 2011
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    Feb 16, 2010
    what now?

    so, everything was working fine.....

    I've been exporting to medium without a problem until, 24:43 - 300.7mb file. with over 200gb free on the hard drive. Getting another error at the end of preparing the movie, this time (-2048).

    I havent been able to find an answer to this, its such a small file I cant imagine its anything to do with that. I havent done anything differently - recorded vhs through dv cam - selected section(s) - added chapter markers - share as movie medium.

    Is there somewhere that lists all these codes, btw? It would make life a little easier if I had a rough idea of what the basic problem was, instead of just a number.


    I've managed to get it working. Looks like going into Disk Utility - repair disk permissions fixed this. (I did this last time as well, so it looks like that it was maybe the problem and not the export size.)

    As I'm still a novice mac user anyone wanna try explain why this is happening? Is there something strange happening with my mbp or is it easily explained?
    - edit: seems like this was just coincidence?
  4. whitenoise thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 16, 2010
    the monologue continues.....

    The very next movie I tried to export I got the error -34 , which is supposed to be about low hd space, (from all the googling I've been doing). I tried all sorts of different things and couldn't stop the error, until....

    the file was 1:15:00 long, (one clip), I selected half and added to the project - then the other half and added it. The project exported without a problem!

    So it looks like imovie doesn't like the clips to be too long, I suppose my use isn't the norm, (most people will be editing small clips together). I will have to try it on another project to confirm, but I hope this is the answer. :)
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    Mar 31, 2008
    Just an FYI, I have exported 1.5 hour 1080p movies with Share > Export Movie > 1080p, but if you try to export using Quicktime to an MP4 rather than MOV from the previous, it errors out for size issues. I don't know why, but just a pointer.

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