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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by The Mercurian, Feb 17, 2014.

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    Mar 17, 2012
    I just started using iMovie for first time today. Never really had a reason to before. I managed to figure out most of what I want to do but I'm not clear on how best to arrange files etc for a good work flow.

    At the moment all my photos and videos are automatically uploaded to iPhoto, and today I have using my iPhoto library in iMovie. But it seems clunky. I have to first create an empty iMovie Event, then copy one by one clips from iPhoto into the event. I'm actually not sure if it copies these files be default or not ???? (I think not??). Anyhow then after creating my movie, I have the original clips in my iPhoto and a finished movie file in the Movies folder. I then also have an event in iMovie that I no longer need as intermediary. But if I delete the Event it gives me warning I am deleting last copies of the original clip files from my camera. Anyhow - this is all a little confusing.

    I'm wondering what other people do. What is the most efficient workflow to manage all this. i.e. connect camera - photos to iPhoto, vids to iMovie and then to create events of relevant vids ? Any experts out there ? My current method is clunky as hell I'm sure there are better ways!
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    I do not like to use either iPhoto or iMovie to import my photos or videos from my devices. I prefer managing my own files and not allowing iPhoto to manage it for me. People will disagree with me, but we are all different. I just prefer to keep my videos and photos separate from each other. Find it easier to manage this way.

    I manage all my files through Adobe Bridge or through Finder with my own tagging system. I am not suggesting that you do this, it is how I manage my files and works best for me, but may not be best for you. The only files I manage with an Apple program are audio files, which I do through iTunes. iTunes works well for me to do this and integrates well with iMovie.

    When importing files into iMovie, I will do it though iMovie directly or through Finder (drag & drop). If I need to add audio I do it through iTunes right in iMovie. I have found this the easiest way. Simple drag & drop, done. All exports from iMovie are added to a separate sub-folder in my video files.

    To import my photos and videos, I use the software that came with my devices because it works great with my iMacs and Macbook Pro's. Or I use Image Capture which comes with OS X.

    This may not help you at all or may help you some, but it is how I do workflow with iMovie. More advanced video editing is done with my Adobe programming.
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    THanks for the info!

    HmmmI find myself wondering coudl one write an automator script to pull the video files out of iPhoto and put them somewhere else ??

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