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    I have a what I think is a basic iMovie question. I am creating a picture slides how that I want set to music. Is there a way for it to automatically sync the time the pictures change so that they end with the song?

    I have loaded the pics and the song and stretched each one individually, but that is a pain. I am using the latest version.

  2. firedept, Sep 11, 2014
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    How I do it is either trim the song and fade it out at the end which is one option. The other option is to see what the length of the song is, then divide that time between your photo view length and transition length to equal the length of the song you are using. Here is a link on how to change multiple transitions at one time.

    The first option I gave you is the easier way. Here is a link to a decent tutorial on how to fade in and out you music plus trim your music clip. Many other good Youtube tutorials out there on trimming and fading audio in iMovie with a quick search.
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    Basically, no. You have to manually adjust to get it to fit.

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