iMovie09 better than 08, so will u drop iMovieHD?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by eclipse, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Nov 18, 2005
    Hi all,
    iMovie 09 has chapters, some more special effects, and more "fine tuning" control than iMovie08. So after 08's terrible reception and many people sticking stubbornly with iMovieHD, who has finally made the switch from HD to 09?

    Or what would prevent you?

    I'm still thinking about it as I play with 09. Is it worth it?

    * Once one learns one's way around, it is "meant" to be faster to edit.

    * "Events tagging" lets me work through all my footage as I do my own movies, and "tag" any stuff I'll need for other future movies. EG: I work on my family movies, and "tag" all footage my friends are in. Then when I want to check if there is enough footage for my friends, I just select their tag and I can quickly see it all.

    *Direct interface with Youtube & other networking sites.

    Concerns: iMovie09 for some insane reason dropped "export to DV tape" feature. We all know how notoriously unreliable DVD's are and that the compression ratio is not as good as tape... so tape seems to be the cheapest and safest way to store my 40 or so hours of family projects.

    So over to you other iMovie users. What either made you switch to 09, or what keeps you in iMovieHD?
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    Aug 10, 2009
    imovie 09 does not have export to tape - not so cool

    I'm a newbie to the mac world. There are some things that are really impressive, however, other things that I thought were standard for any video editing program didn't exist in imovie09 - much to my frustration.

    Export to tape existed in earlier versions - is there an add-on anywhere for this function? Can I get a downgraded, earlier version in order to be able to do this? It's really nice to export to tape. It creates a higher quality version than burning to disc, and I didn't want to export to any of the pre-chosen web enabled formats. I wanted to export to tape, and hand it off to someone else. I specifically purchased the white ibook for firewire, (partially to play with imovie and final cut) but ended up going back to the pc and premiere to edit and export.
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    9 sucks as bad as 8 due to the time line. Only use 9 to import avchd and save as h264. Then import to 6hd. I purchased some great plugins for 6hd you can't do in 8/9. If apple would have left the time line alone, would be using 9. I'll stick with 6hd and fce 3.5 but hoping the new version of fce supports avchd better or adds stuff similar to FCS's upgrade.
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    HD does everything I need, so I see no benefit in upgrading. I doubt it even would be an upgrade - as far as I know, even 09 can't do this:

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    Sep 24, 2008
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