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    Feb 19, 2007
    I Tried out Imovie HD last night for the first time, and it works very well, i hooked up my camcorder and it recognized it immediately. It worked flawlessly on making the movie and then burning it to dvd with idvd.
    but it ate up 20 gig of my hard drive for this 45 min movie? how can i clean that back up?
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    The project will naturally be very large. However once you're finished, export it to a better compressed format and it'll shrink right back down. You can then remove the iMovie project file if you want. :)
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    Apr 29, 2005
    clean up iMovie

    you can export your movie and save it as a finished movie (either self contained Quicktime or burned to DVD with iDVD). To do this look under the share menu in iMovie. If you are "done" with editing, you can then get rid of the iMovie file (usually saved in the user "movies" folder. Obviously this will not allow you to re-edit later on.

    You could move aforementioned iMovie file to an external Hard disk.

    To save a bit of space, you could go to your movie and empty the trash of clips you deleted (down in the bottom right hand corner of iMovie). Again if you go this route, these clips will be unrecoverable.

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