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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by multinode, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Several posters made a seemingly good suggestion for me to use a web app. I'm not exactly sure that I understand what that is ... Wikipedia has a good read on it and so I'm studying it.

    My own thinking (may or may not be what is meant by a web app):
    Actually, I'm trying to implement a small Intranet ... multiple customers (clients) using IPad as order entry tablets communicating their order choices to my MacMini or MacBook server. There will need to be two way communication ... the customer will be presented an order form (view) (from the server) and depending upon the customer's choice, he will be presented with yet another view, etc. until the order is finalized and sent to the server.

    I think that I'm talking about a "thin" client.

    Apple's TableView API is rich ... I don't want to replicate that in HTML. If I could write my TableView/TableController code in the server and stream the individual views to the client on demand to be seen on Safari on the IPAD, then I could have the best of both worlds ... no special app to be installed in the IPad and still use Apple's rich UI API.

    Somehow, my Obj C code on my server would need an Obj C to HTML converter ... is there third party code to do that??? Or maybe a Safari plug in could do that conversion. ????
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