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    I have a lengthy plain text document with a list of people I work with that I need to import into my Mac's There are several hundred people on the list and there's no way I'm doing this manually. Here is the precise format that the people are listed in in the document:

    Anyone know of a third party program or a script that could somehow parse this list and create either individual vCards, or a single vCard containing everyone on the list that I could then import into contacts... And if there is some other clever way of doing this other than by way of vCard, that would be fine too.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
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    Clean up your text file with something like TextWrangler or even TextEdit and save it as a comma-separated value (CSV) file with the extension csv. Import it into Contacts.

    Info : Contacts (Mavericks): Export and import contacts

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    If you have Excel available to you, I think it's can be done for free. Paste the data into a new Excel sheet. It will probably put all 3 "values" in one cell, row after row. Then use Text to Columns feature to split each value into 3 cells. Last, export/save it as a *.csv file and Contacts will accept it for import.

    Tips on *.csv import:

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