Import pictures into iPad. Can anyone please help me understand?


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Apr 22, 2010
Hello, how are you?
So I was trying to copy some pictures into my iPad.
I realized I had to use iTunes to copy pictures from my computer to the iPad.
So I connected the iPad to the computer, went to the photos, selected sync photos, then the folder.

Then the sync took a long time.
Then I realized a folder named iPod cache was created on the computer.
That folder is filled with itmdb files that I don’t know what they are.
But they are smaller in file size than the original picture jpeg files.
So my question is what is that folder.
And does my iPad have the original full res and full size jpegs on there or those itmdb files that I don’t know what they are?

Can anyone please help me understand this?

Thank you.


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Aug 26, 2009
Every computer has a cache..special memory. The images, originals are stored in the original folder. The images are the full res and thumbnails just like they are on your computer. Which is why you see smaller images when you open your folder...either on the iPad or Computer, etc.

Other ways to add photos to iPad
You can email them to yourself and then download from your email account.

You can Airdrop them from your Mac to your iPad. (if you have a Mac).


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Apr 24, 2016
I believe that using iTunes you get smaller versions of your images from the computer onto the iPad. And that iPod photo folder I believe is what holds the smaller versions that get copied onto the iPad.


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Nov 12, 2015
Los Angeles, California
Use google photos to upload from your computer to the cloud.

Use the google photo app to download what photos you want to your ipad.

I’m a pc guy and just have the ipad, so i use this method.