Import TGA sequence into Final Cut Pro

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by juanm, Oct 16, 2007.

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    A friend has recently gone Mac for his editing (a high end mac pro with an AJA external card and Final Cut Studio 2). He's very happy, except for one thing. He used to use TGA sequences a lot. You know how it works, you choose the first, it reads the sequence as a video clip. How can he do it in FCP? Does the software accept this import method, and if not, is there a plugin (price doesn't really matter, he desperately wants to be able to do this)?

    Thanks for your help.
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    FCP can and does import Images Sequences. I've done it many times, but with uncompressed TIFF ... not with TGA formatted images. However, it should work just the same. You can import the Sequence as a series of images, or convert the images into a video clip with QuickTime Pro before you import into FCP.

    A few tips when working with images in FCP:

    Make sure that the images are properly numbered/named so they'll line up in the proper order in FCP's Timeline. Use leading zeros if needed (0001, 0002, 0003, etc).

    Prior to importing the folder of images into your FCP project, make sure the Still Frame duration is set to 1 frame in FCP's preferences.

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    TGA Sequence to FCP

    HE Hooooooo. Its simp.
    do the following steps .

    1. Import the sequence in Motion or in AE on MAC or in Windows.
    2. THEN from there you can export Aplha AVI that is accepted by FCP.

    Abhinav Bajpai.
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    Import TGA sequence into Final Cut Pro

    Very Straight forward. In User Preferences under the editing tab change your still/freeze duration to 00:00:00:01 (1 frame). Then create a new Bin and import all of the TGA files into that bin. Highlight all the TGA files in the bin and drag onto the timeline. If there is audio simply import into the bin and drag that into the timeline too. To make editing easier it is best to export the timeline (once you have laid the TGA files down) as a .MOV then re-import that file.
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    TGA sequence still frame not set to 1 sec...oops!

    I imported my TGA sequence and started scrubbing back and forth...figured it looked good...did some editing and then realized that each frame is actually way too long, not 1 second as i stupidly thought it was. Rather than re-importing the whole sequence all over again (since i already did some editing work) is there a way i could speed up the sequence? Perhaps play with the speed of time line?
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    Way to hijack a year old thread, man! :)

    Find out how long the still pictures last in the timeline. Then, do the math and speed it up. F.i, if they last one second each and you wanted 1 frame long stills, you can nest that edit you just made in a new sequence, and speed it up by 25 (or 24 or 30, depending on the format and system you're using). In theory, it should work...

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