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Mar 15, 2012
I got this email at around 8:30 AM PST:

"Dear Apple Customer,
We’re ready to proceed with your iPhone order.
Your reservation is: __________

Please click here to return to the Apple Online Store. To maintain the delivery priority of your iPhone order, you will need to complete your purchase by Saturday, September 13, 9:00AM PDT. If you do not complete your purchase by that time, your reservation will be canceled.

If you have any issues completing your order, please call 1-800-MY-APPLE.

Thank you,
The Apple Online Store"

When I go to check my order on, it either gives me an error or tells me I have already used my upgrade, sometimes saying I already ordered an iPhone, but will never take me to my actual order. What do I do? Anybody get the same thing?


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Mar 14, 2011
I also got a reservation number and this morning I got emailed with the link to complete the checkout process for the iPhone 6+ Gold 64GB. I was one of the first to get it on the apple store app, so mine is being delivered on the 19th!

Apple actually kept them for us and in the order they recieved.


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Dec 21, 2015
I ordered my phone by paying full price last night. I got 11/3 delivery date. I got confirmation email from Apple with W order number.

Three hours later I got another email from Apple about reservation and that I have to complete my reservation. When I went to the link and type in a B reservation number, it only allowed me to choose one of the two ATT next programs.

This doesn’t make any sense. I never wanted to upgrade via ATT nor initiated such transaction. I obviously ordered successfully but something is broken on Apple-ATT side.


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Apr 13, 2015
I'm in a similar boat. I tried to enroll in IUP at launch and when I continue through the link in that "Important information" email, it shows IUP for a split second in the product header but then reverts to ATT next. I never tried to go through att next. Apple customer care said it is a glitch on their end due to volume and to try again later and call back if needed. Only thing I am concerned about is the 24 hour completion deadline and since there is no order number, they say they cannot place notes on the account. I have screenshots, hopefully they will suffice if Apple doesn't fix this by the 24 hour cutoff. But I'm not holding my breath.


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Jan 23, 2012
Awesome that you bumped a 3 year old thread!

I’m had to verify with my credit card.
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