imported .mpg files have no audio in iMovie HD! Help, please!

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    Hi friends,

    I'm working on a movie that's due on Monday, and I've encountered a very large snag. My group recorded all our footage yesterday on a Sony digital camera, and I imported all the video clips (.mpg format), and they contained audio which was fine. But when I imported these clips to iMovie HD, they suddenly contain no audio! I tried importing the clips to Garageband to doublecheck, and Garageband also could find no audio. When I open the clips in quicktime and try to export the audio (.aiff), the option isn't there! It says: "No Audio Track in Source Movie." But there is audio in quicktime!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! How can I get the sound out of these clips?

    P.S. I'm aware that I could purchase something like Audio Hijack and go that route, but I'm hoping to avoid something so arduous and pricey.
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    You're going to need to demux the audio and video from the original mpg before you can work with them, ffmpegX will do it as will MPEG2 works. Afterward may also have to convert the audio or video to another format to get it to load into imovie.

    MPG is not really intended for editing, it's more of an end user format for viewing.

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