Importing all my settings and such from a user file

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  1. lacereza, Jan 4, 2011
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    Someone shared a NYE drink with my MBP. Now I have a brand new one, and a user file on the HD that contains basically everything from the old one save the applications (I was in a hurry, leaving the country tomorrow, and had to get it done in a couple of hours).

    So -- once I've downloaded all my old programs again, how do I import my settings and such? I'm thinking about Office, Firefox, 1Password, and a couple of others.

    I'm particularly concerned about my Outlook (Office 2011 for Mac) account, and my archived mail messages. I think I've found the file they're in, so should I just open up Outlook, then drag and drop from the old User file into the App Support folder that'll be created?



    ...or could I somehow replace the current user files with the older ones? I'd rather not be importing everything one by one...
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    If you had time machine backup then you could just restore with that. Other wise most items are found in. ~/Library/Application Support and ~/Library/Prefernce

    The ~ is your user account. Just move what you need over. The naming may seem odd but you should be able to see what app they because it is somewhere in the file name.

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