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  1. nelly22, Dec 16, 2011
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    I have iPad 2 and Mac. I need to import some of my Mac Safari bookmarks to iPad Safari. How i can do this without using iCloud and without connecting iPad to Mac? Can i use Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and move exported bookmarks using memory card?

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    You are in the biggest iPad discussion forum :cool:

    To your question, I don't think there is a way to get bookmarks into iPad Safari except through iCloud or iTunes. There might be a way through google or yahoo, but I haven't found it.

    Could you explain why you don't want to connect to your Mac? Is it just the physical connection you don't want? You could set it up for Wi-Fi sync:
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    How about google chrome sync? I know you can sync bookmarks via a gmail address to any computer running chrome. Does this work for the iPad as well?
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    Bringing back from the dead.

    I've got a first generation Air. I haven't updated my operating system that include iCloud at the moment as I haven't had good experience putting new Mac operating systems on older machines. Have done in the past and the machines ran slower and seemed to not be able to keep up. I finally purchased an iPad and now can't figure out how to sync my Safari bookmarks to the iPad as the option to click sync bookmarks in iTunes is no longer available...

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