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  1. VFN macrumors member

    May 5, 2012
    For my parents:

    My father has a group contact in his Contacts program. I want to import or transfer that group to my mother's iPad. My mother's iCloud account is not the same as my father's so I'm not sure how to work things.


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    Jul 3, 2011
    You can add the second (your father's) iCloud account to your mother's iPad as a secondary entry and use it to only sync Contacts...

    OR, export the contacts as .vcf and then import them into your mother's contacts, but that would need to be done via a computer.
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    May 5, 2012
    Thank You. I have a new problem now. When I imported the .vcf file to my mom's iCloud contacts I was told that only 6 cards/contacts were successful. I looked and it appears that those six are the only cards/contacts that have near the bottom "cards On My Mac" or "cards AOL" listed. I'm not sure why those have it and others don't and what i need to do to get the other cards/contacts to import.

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    Jul 3, 2011
    Not sure... if you exported all contacts, they should be in the exported file, and should, therefore, have imported. I have 188 contacts and the .vcf file is approx 21MB... check the size of your .vcf file.

    You might want to try again, but export the contacts as Contacts Archive...
  5. VFN, May 25, 2016
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    May 5, 2012
    Tried importing Contacts Archive into a group and got an error message. When I export a group of about 60 names as a .vcf file it's saved as a folder which has 3 files in it. When I try to import those .vcf files (I don't know how to import them as one unit) the procedure fails as well.
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    From this discussion I have to assume your father has a Mac and an iCloud account and your mother has an iPad and a separate iCloud account.

    I'd say log into your father's iCloud account on a web browser, select the contacts in the group, export the contacts (will be .vcf), log out of father's account, log into your mother's iCloud account and import the .vcf file.

    If, when you log into your father's account, you don't see all the contacts in question then there's another issue that should be addressed.
  7. VFN, May 25, 2016
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    May 5, 2012
    Still having problems (when I export one card/contact from a group it won't import either) so I'm not sure what's going on. I may have to create a group another way if I choose to spend time with this anymore. Called Apple support and the rep was perplexed as well. May ask for help in another thread regarding exporting from a Numbers file. Thanks all.

    SOLVED: I copied all the names from a group I wanted to import (which was under the iCloud section of the Contacts Book) and pasted them into a new group I made in the "On My Mac" section of the Contacts Book. I then exported that group as a .csv file and they successfully imported into my mom's iCloud Contacts Book.

    Thanks to all for the replies.

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