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Discussion in 'iPod' started by ee99ee, Jun 10, 2009.

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    So I reformatted and upgraded to Leopard a while back, and the only thing I forgot to save was my iTunes library database. I saved all the music (which is stored on a NAS), but the library is gone. So I reimported all my music back into iTunes last night (by dragging the entire directory into iTunes. Before, I had about 15,000 songs, but now I only have 10,000. I know there are over 10,000 songs on the NAS, because I'm missing some stuff in iTunes that is on the server.

    So, do I need to delete my library and re-add the music? What if it doesn't get everything, again, the second time? How do I just add stuff that isn't already in the library? I'm running over Gigabit Ethernet, but it still takes SEVERAL hours.

    Any thoughts?

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    i'd try to figure out which files are saved on your hardrive that are not in the library. Then try to add just a few of them to the library and see if it goes through.

    Then problem shoot from there. Maybe some of the files are corrupt for some reason...i dunno.
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    I wouldn't drag and drop. That seems to freeze up iTunes for me. Especially if I am bringing in a large set of music.

    Are the files you are missing are the purchased music from iTunes?

    Are those files on the NAS? Can you navigate to them and see them? If you can see them have you tried bringing them into iTunes via the Add to Library function under the "File" menu?

    Also the long period for loading may also be caused by iTunes doing the cover art and also the gap adjustment (can't remember the correct word off the top of my head).

    Also if you have genuis on, that will cause a delay also, it is reading or looking at all the files you are bringing in.

    I would also keep in mind that is a large amount of data you are bringing in. It will take some time. When I load up a new computer I will start it when I go to bed so that I give it good amount of time over the night to load up and let iTunes do it's thing...
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    Jun 14, 2009
    I'm also trying to do this and have a question . . I've mounted my NAS and ensured it logs in when the system turns. I've put the right folder path into iTunes -> Preferences and now I'm wondering when I go to File > Library > Consolidated'll go thru and add all of the files to my library but not copy the actual mp3 right?

    I don't have enough hard disk space on my MBP for all of my music so I'm assuming using my NAS and linking iTunes is the best bet.

    Any thoughts?

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