importing .mov files with wrong date to imovie

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jogdial, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. jogdial macrumors newbie

    Jan 21, 2010
    I wonder if someone could help me out on this. I've imported a lot of DV footage from my DV recorder to imovie and it has generally worked pretty well. Some of it came up with wrong dates, and I was able to follow instructions to get it to the right date.

    I recently purchased a Contour HD 1080P full on helmet camera for skiing/downhill biking. I got it just before my first ski trip and just took it out and recorded. It doesn't have many controls, and I didn't think that the date might not be set, and it wasn't, needs to be set by connecting it to the computer and setting it. So, it records 1080P in quicktime .mov files.. well .mov files anyway. When I import them to imovie, keeping full resolution, it takes ages. And the result is a directory full of .mov files again. So they don't have the clip date format like my DV files do, they are .mov files, they have the current date on them.... but in imovie events they are showing up as Jan 3 2008. I can't change that date in imovie, and I've tried doing a touch on all the files again to make sure they are set to the date they were taken, but apparently the date/timecode is in the file, is there anyway to change this please? And why are they still .mov files and does it take like 4 hours to import 1/2 hour of video? what is it doing?

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    Jan 21, 2010
    fixed the date anyway

    Ok, well, I downloaded the better file attribute finder and change the create dates on it and all was well... unix quite wierd with create dates and not storing with the file but somewhere in the FS I guess... the better finder demo will only change 5 files at a time, but I only had about 30 files so just did it in batches. Was going to buy the full product, but then again, this is probably a one off as I will set the date on my camera....
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    Jun 17, 2011
    10 steps to correcting date in iMovie Events? will it work for you I don't know?

    I seemed to have good results with the following:

    1) Copy iMovie files to desktop
    2) Delete iMovie files
    3) Delete Cache folder AND Thumbnail folders in the desktop file you copied
    4) Use the program "A Better Finder Attributes" to perform date changes
    5) include subfolders and their contents if needed.
    6) go back to folder on desktop and CHANGE name of files. Be sure not to include any /,<>\|#$@*~! etc.... they really screw up iMovie, because the program has bugs. really not the best program, and I love macs........
    7) Then go to iMovie, go to file, create a new event, naturally it will come up as the present year.
    8) open your desktop folder and drag the individual .mov clips that are re-dated, re-named etc... into the new event with correct year.
    9) it should work, but if you included some bogus /\><$@# symbols in the name of your video, iMovie could freak out and create it's own "phantom" date for you. lovely right!!!
    10) all these steps just to make the date right on iMovie, we haven't actually got any work done yet, how depressing
    11) Good Night
    12) oh by the way, I have no idea what I'm doing, and no idea which of these steps is the one that worked, or why they worked, but in the end it worked! oh, wait, I didn't actually accomplish anything yet.......

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