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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MacVDS, May 3, 2010.

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    My CCK finally arrived and the good news is it does indeed import Motion JPEG videos (common in many point and shoot digicams) that are in an .AVI container (I'm using a Casio EX-Z90). The videos arrive intact, even HD 1280x720. You can edit (trim) imported videos while they reside in the "last import" or "all imported" album, although the trimmed videos do lose audio. I don't know if that is a file format issue or software issue. This also brings up a kind of a weird limitation. While imported .AVI MPEGs work great on the iPad, if you want to move them into another album you hit a snag. You can't move them into other galleries, and iTunes, apparently does not recognize .AVI files either coming or going. The imported .AVI's does not sync so not only can you not copy .AVI files from your computer to the iPad, you can't copy them to your computer from iPad either. Having said that, there's another thing. Unless I'm doing something wrong, even imported photos don't seem to transfer back to the computer using iTunes. Maybe this is the way it always works, but I sort of expected them to transfer from iPad to my computer. (I am using a PC, so maybe this is a Mac thing.) So I guess, the bottom line is, whatever you import to the iPad from the CCK, kinda stays there until you delete them. Not a big deal, just kind of strange.

    One other cool thing with video. You can send a video attached to an email, upload videos to your YouTube account and copy it (though I haven't found a place to actually paste it other than email). If you use the "email video" option, it will compress the video into a smaller, more compact .MOV file.

    The Camera Connection kit is very cool, as long as you can live with it's limitations.

    I was able to transfer the photos and videos that I imported with the CCK, though it wasn't through iTunes. Turns out under Vista (and probably Win7) if you have Windows Live Photo installed, when you plug in the USB connector to the iPad, a requestor comes up "Import pictures and video" using Windows Live Photo gallery. This worked just fine. I would assume Mac users have a similar option with iPhoto.

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