Impossible to delete 'banned' accounts?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by classicaliberal, Nov 26, 2013.

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    An 'offline' friend of mine who also has a Macrumors account (that was previously banned) mentioned to me the other day that he tried to delete his Macrumors forums account after the recent security breach, only to find out that it was impossible to do so?

    Apparently there is a 'warning screen' he sees when he logs in about being banned, but there's no way to go to a profile screen so the password can be changed or the account can be deleted?

    Moderators? Just something I figured you ought to know.
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    Please read this from our FAQ and hopefully you'll have a better understanding of how MacRumors operates regarding accounts. If your friend wants the password on his suspended account changed, he can send a request to us via the Contact Us form.
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    MOD NOTE: Banned users should still be able to use the "Contact Us" link to ask for account deletion like anyone else.

    We see plenty of contacts from unregistered accounts or folks who don't remember their account name.

    EDIT: Too slow. :)


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