Impressions after setting up my IPT5 (incl. FLAC files !)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by AbacabMR, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Oct 18, 2012
    I purchased my IPT5 this on Sat Dec 22nd and was able to set it up the following day on Dec 23rd. It was an easy process and as a bonus I was able to download the apps I purchased a while ago but wouldn't fit on my 2nd gen iPod.

    The hardware;
    - Great feeling when holding the device. It feels very high-end. Handling with care so it stays in perfect condition (while it lasts).
    - The screen is very nice. A great improvement.
    - The extra length is just fine for a one-hand operation. I just use my 'pinky' to 'sit' the bottom part while my thumb goes upwards.
    - Nothing but high praise for the device ... but not so much for the earpods. I won't be using them as they do not hold still in the ears. Maybe I'll try again but so far they're not comfortable/stable in the ears. I'm using the ones that came with my Sony MP3 and they're great for holding still.
    - For my taste I got the black on black iPod. I find it to be the best combination as it makes the device more 'discreet' / 'uniform' / 'classy' (again IMHO). Color would have been nice but the all black is perfect for me.

    The software;
    - As mentioned before I was able to upgrade my apps and use the ones I purchased a while back but were not compatible with my 2nd gen iPod (made that mistake once or twice).
    - The camera is nice to use.
    - I was EXTREMELY pleased with the fact that I was able to add an APP that deals with FLAC files. I found out you can import whatever you want through iTunes... and I was able to upload 12 songs (avg 75MB per song)... and listen to them via this new APP... and the sound is quite good... I have yet to do a comparison test but this is very promising.
    - There are tons of APP and features I have yet to discover and this will be fun. Being able to load and listen to FLAC files made my day. It confirms my choice of not going with Android; I did not need all the flexibility is supposedly brings. I'm sure it's a great environment and would probably have liked it but iOS brings me plenty of things to 'play with' and I do not have to upload an Antivirus on my iPOD as I was told it is needed on Android.

    Without considering the earpods (maybe I'll learn to use/enjoy them eventually but probably not before I purchase a high-end set) this is a perfect score of 10 for me. Apple products are indeed probably more expensive than others ... but I have never been disappointed with any purchase we made... starting with the iMac in 2009, the iPad recently and now this iPod.

    In the end the ROI (for me) is excellent and looks even more promising in the near future.

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    Mar 19, 2012
    I'm glad your first impressions are good! By the way. You don't need an antivirus on android. Malware is NOWHERE near as prominent as people here would like you to believe. Whoever told you that doesn't know what he's talking about and is more than likely just repeating something he heard. But back to the iPod. I went with the black one too. It looks much less kiddy and makes the screen pop much more. Plus I'm not really a fan of the colors apple is offering aside from the silver
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    I'm glad you have had such a great experience!

    I would recommend, however, that you convert your FLAC files to ALAC files, they will play natively on the iPod app and don't have any loss of quality.

    I'd use
    XLD - it's freeware, and is really really fast.
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    Oct 18, 2012
    Thanks !

    I always figured both ALAC and FLAC were lossless. I'll do some more reading on the subject then.

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