Impressive read write speed on the 2TB Fusion spinner

Discussion in 'iMac' started by IngerMan, Nov 25, 2016.

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    I purchased a 2TB Fusion Late 2015 27" several months back. In hind site I should of gotten the 256GB storage option for my use. On my old iMac 2007 I had about 180GB of data used but after cleaning it up when I got the new machine I realized I had a lot of garbage and duplicates. Now I am only using about 70GB of hard disk space.

    It seemed like such a waste for me not to use the extra storage so I thought I would put the spinner to use as Time Machine and remove one of my external hard drives. I do have a Crucial 275GB MX300 in a inaTek USB 3.0 enclosure that I have setup as an additional boot drive with OSX and some games I seldom play.

    I do not recommend un fusing the drives. It does not run any faster then fused. I get the same geek bench scores, I get the same read and write scores, it basically operates the same as before except I did not have enough data to take advantage of the Fusion. If you have over 100GB of data it only makes sense to be FUSION. Plus it's a pain to switch back and forth.

    After that is all said I am impressed with the read and writes on the spinner, 170's read and writes. I labeled
    the internal 2TB spinner drive iMac Time Machine. Crucial is the exteranal 275SSD MX300 and Sys-Volume is my internal 128GB SSD.

    The DiskMark is an app in the app store I loaded and it closely follows the BlackMagic app. I usually see higher reads with BlackMajic on the internal SSD in the 1600-1800 but never on the DiskMark app, it comes in below 1400. I like DiskMark for its one time read and write and log the results.

    DiskMark Speed.png
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    It's 7200 rpm so it will be a little faster.

    Splitting them is fine I did it and it doesn't void the warranty, also it did run faster. It was subtle but you can notice it.

    Whether or not it is better to fuse or unfuse is possibly debatable but there are flaws in the fusion technology
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