Improve resolution of slideshow movies


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I created a slideshow in iPhoto and saved it as a movie on a DVD using iDVD. The quality of the pictures deteriorated greatly in the process, with loss of resolution and annoying vertical lines as the pics glive on the screen (Ken Burns effect).

Is there a better way to create a movie from a slideshow? Shoud I use another piece of software (Adobe Premiere Elements, Final Cut Studio, Quicktime Pro)?



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Nov 30, 2004
I made a slideshow last year then discovered it had more slides than iDVD could handle. I then made another one using iMovie but the picture quality was worse. I then found a handy app called Photo to Movie which you can see here:

This goes beyond what iDVD can do and is great for the amateur. You can move into, or out of, a picture in different directions, add titles, music (not all formats) and vary timings. I have noticed,when playing the DVD of the slideshow on a TV that there is a slight problem translating the straight lines of buildings, but once into scenic views it looks fine.

You can download a free trial and use it for as long as you like but it will overprint the slides so you that can see what it does but don't get a useable show, which is fair enough. $49.95 then gets you a code to give you the licence.