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Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by sananda, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. sananda macrumors 68020

    May 24, 2007
    According to the Verge iOS 12 enables us to “import and manage RAW photos on your iPhone and iPad and edit on your iPad Pro”.

    If anyone who is testing iOS 12, shoots RAW + JPG and uses the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader could test a few things, I would be grateful. What I would like to know is whether the imported RAW and JPEG appear as separate files in Photos. Currently, although both files are there (and both can be transferred to a Mac), they appear as one file in Photos. This means if you try to put both files in Files, you just get the JPG.

  2. Fabianvs1 Suspended

    Jun 5, 2018
    Hey I just tried importing RAW files from my 5d mark Iv and it works perfect! It shows up as a RAW file in my photos app. You can edit it and tweak it as you’d like in the photos app. It saves metadata info as well. Let me know if you have any other questions
  3. sananda thread starter macrumors 68020

    May 24, 2007
    Thanks. But did you try setting your camera to RAW + JPG and then importing? As it currently stands in iOS 11, I can import RAW files and RAW + JPG. But if I import RAW + JPEG, I cannot get both files in iCloud Drive from Photos. I previously said I could only get the JPG but having just run a test, I actually only get the RAW.

    PNG image.png

    So I have to put the SD card into a Mac to get both files:


    So I'm wondering whether iOS 12 allows me to copy the RAW and the JPEG to iCloud Drive.
  4. macduke macrumors G3


    Jun 27, 2007
    Central U.S.
    I mean, we've been able to import for a long time. I'm interested whether anyone knows of any specific enhancements that they've made for RAW files?
  5. superbestlucky macrumors newbie


    Jun 5, 2018
    Can you share some screenshots of the editing and metadata screens for raw photos in the iPad pro? Having to use a third party to edit raw on there was bugging me.
  6. Fabianvs1 Suspended

    Jun 5, 2018
    It’s the same as a normal photo, but you can open the RAW file into a separate app for editing.
  7. Nuttyphilt macrumors newbie

    Apr 16, 2010
    I’m wondering this too. My main annoyance with importing RAW and JPEG is the inability to choose which one to edit and to see which photos have both files available...
  8. canesalato macrumors 6502a


    Jan 31, 2010
    iOS 12 supports raw editing directly on the photo app (but what’s the point? It cannot even change white balance or sharpness or noise etc).
    If you shoot Raw+Jpg it is still impossible to separate a raw from a jpeg within the camera roll. If you develop a raw you cannot choose to keep the jpg and throw away the raw, or archive it separately
    The ui for
    Importing from the sd cars is improved but I still don’t have access to videos on the card or to separate raw and jpg files. Overall it is disappointing. So close and yet not there, as usual with iPad software
  9. sananda thread starter macrumors 68020

    May 24, 2007
    This is indeed disappointing.
  10. Harmonious Zen macrumors 6502a

    May 18, 2013
    Very disappointing indeed.

    Can someone confirm though whether RAW photos are indicated as such in the Photos app? In iOS 11, we can’t even see which files are RAW and which aren’t. The Mac Photos app can do this, but not the iOS app.

    My current iPad workflow for editing photos is basically:

    1. Use SD card adapter to upload all photos to iPad.
    2. Browse through Photos app and delete all unwanted photos.
    3. Import the photos I like into Lightroom Mobile, make edits
    4. Export finished product back into Photos (for syncing with iCloud)
    5. Delete original RAW files in Photos

    It’d be so much easier if the Import process would just let us distinguish between RAW and JPEG, the way Lightroom does.
  11. canesalato macrumors 6502a


    Jan 31, 2010
    1)If you imported a Raw file:
    You can see it is indeed a raw once you enter “edit mode”. There is a small raw icon. You can edit the raw file within the Photo app (if you wish to do so, for whatever reason)
    2) if you imported a Raw+Jpeg:
    there’s no way to tell that a raw is there, you can visualize and edit only the jpeg file, unless you use a third party app, like lightroom
  12. slwstr macrumors newbie

    Oct 25, 2018
    obrazek PNG.png
    It is possible to view and export all assets of a single photo (including original jog and RAW plus full-size render of edits) through Metapho app acting as sharing extension.
  13. sananda thread starter macrumors 68020

    May 24, 2007
    Thank you.

    It’s a rather laborious way to export a number of photos to a folder. Because each RAW + JPEG can only be revealed individually.

    If you just try to export without first revealing the two assets, only the JPEG is exported.

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