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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by marcel37, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Oct 5, 2005
    I just bought a Powerbook Titanium 15" DVI with 1Ghz PowerPC Processor. I love this classic and want to make it my main computer (mostly for internet, email, and writing). I noticed that the hard drive makes some noise as it writes and retrieves. Also, the battery does not hold as much power as it originally did.

    Since the laptop about 5 years old now, I would like to replace both the battery and the hard drive. Can anyone recommend any good models of HD/batteries to get for a good price?

    Also, what is the word on the Leopard upgrade? I will be staying with Tiger since I heard mixed things with Leopard on older (and even new) machines.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    I have the same PB as yours but with the 800Mhz processor. I tried running Tiger on it but it would make the fans run all the time; so I switched back to Panther.

    The only hardware that's needed replacement was the HD and optical drive. They don't make them like this anymore. :) are easy people to deal with and they ship fast.
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    I, too, have a PowerBook, but it's the 667Mhz model. I am running Tiger, and always have had since Tiger's release. I haven't experienced any problems with Tiger, in fact quite the opposite. The computer's performance improved with Tiger, boots up more quickly, and otherwise runs more efficiently. I upgraded, however, from 10.2 to 10.4, so I can't say how well Panther may have ran on my notebook.

    Since I first received my PowerBook, I've replaced the battery and the HD. My Battery is made by a company called Mr. Battery, and I've been happy with its performance. I've had it for approximately 2 years. I have a 40GB Toshiba drive.
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    Jan 10, 2006
    1. I'll assume your system has a 4.2k HD. I replaced a 4.2k rpm drive in my old Pismo not too long ago, but that system recently died and I upgraded to the last of the dual boot G4's the 1Ghz TiBook. Difference in speed btw a 4.2k really old Toshiba that was dying a slow death (orig 10GB drive) and newest, last of the non-perpendicular, but pretty high density platter Hitachi 5.4k rpm drive was not great, though noticeable. If you have the money, upgrade to the new higher density platters of the 200GB Hitachi 7.2k rpm drive-series 7k200 and you'll notice a substantial speed improvement in everyday use over that poky slow 4.2k rpm drive.

    You won't save too much money by going with the 100GB 7k200, but it will only have one platter versus the other higher capacity models with have 2 platters, so it will emit every so slightly less noise (should be slightly quieter) and use ever so slightly less power, as well as generating slightly less heat.

    Newegg has them instock currently:

    My new 1Ghz TB came with only 256MB RAM and yikes, Tiger installed! I started the system up, and got the set up assistent window after various spinning icons (different languages I think). I had some 133Mhz 256MB RAM modules that were in the Pismo, immediately installed one of those to get up to 512MB RAM and even the simple startup window rotating icons went through their paces twice as fast. Tiger is choked on 256MB RAM. Recommend minimum 512MB RAM for Tiger, better if you go to 756MB or maximum installed RAM of 1GB. Using the Apple Utility 'Activity Monitor' profiler I could see that just the OS X 10.3.9, which is spec'd to need only 128MB RAM minimum, I am currently using off of my FW attached 60GB 5.2k rpm HD, will use 300MB+ of RAM when doing absolutely nothing, startup a browser and the browser with consume ~60MB additional RAM also. Open up more applications at the same time and you're hitting the virtual memory RAM of the HD, which leads to application/system crashes/instability. My recommendation is install at least one 512MB 133Mhz RAM module (on the TiBook this is very easy to do). OWC has good prices on the 512MB modules

    Newer Tech (through OWC has higher capacity batteries than originally installed, go for one of these higher capacity batteries, you won't be sorry about the extra run time. I need to replace my battery too, gets only 90-100 minutes before icon hits ~37% power left and then the system shuts down into sleep mode.(that's with only mostly browsing the internet and screen brightness turned down to about 1/2way point to conserve battery power :( ). The optical drives use up lots of power, playing a DVD movie/game will consume the most resources!

    Edit: Oops, brainfart, pre Intel Apple lappys all use PATA drives, not SATA, so you can only get 1st gen slower 7.2k rpm drives from Seagate or Hitachi with the PATA interface :(

    Seagate 5400.3 Momentus 160GB capacity is your best bet for speed and capacity from a newer gen. perpendicular recording HD.

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