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Discussion in 'iPad' started by xbankaiz, Jul 13, 2015.

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    Hello everyone,

    I know there are various threads regarding the iPad Air 2 and whether it is a good time to buy it or not, but I didn't want to hijack the other threads so I created this one. But if the mods want to merge it with some other thread, then please do so.

    I have an iPad 2 16 GB wifi model (bought in Nov 2011) whose battery is basically dead but other than that, the iPad is flawless as it was kept inside a HQ leather case and since it belongs my parents, who use it only for FaceTime, iMessage, Skype, reading some magazine and play a few light games, they've kept it in almost mint condition.

    So I went to the Apple Store and the Genius there told me that either I could replace the battery for 99€ and provide me a warranty for 6 months, or I could recycle it and get a rebate of 77€ and get a 4% student discount if I buy a new iPad of my choice. I was thinking of getting the iPad Air 2 64 GB WiFi + Cellular model which costs 709 € and obtain a discount of 105.36€ (77 + 28.36), bringing down the effective price to 603.64€. I wanted to make it as future proof as possible as my parents tend to keep their devices for a very long time (My mother is still using my iPhone 3G).

    The dilemma I have is, that I'm not sure if it worth spending that much for a device that will be barely used to its optimum or just replacing the battery on the iPad 2 (running iOS 6) is more than enough, especially considering the iPad Air 3 will be coming in a couple of months. My parents are not in a dire need of the iPad as of now and can wait but then again, the value of the iPad 2 will sink further down.

    It would be really helpful if I could get a couple of insights and help me out of my dilemma.

    Ichigo K.
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    how much lower the value of ipad2 can go than getting 77euros now? propably the price of air2 sinks more in a few months than the value of ipad2 going down to zero.

    air2 is future proof. it has a powerful processor, enough ram and a good screen. but if ipad2 is enough now, is there any real reason to consider to pay over 600euros vs. 99euros? the screen is much better in air2 for sure.

    and arent they giving a better discount in the "back to school" campaign which probably starts soon?
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    Have you checked how much you can get through other trade in services/online. You may get more.. I'd say Air 2 is fine, but I suppose if you can may as well wait for Air 3, its coming out September/October most likely. Air 2 will go down by then as well. I personally upgraded from a iPad 3 to an Air 2, and the performance difference was massive. I actually get better battery as well!
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    I would be inclined to replace the battery and let your parents enjoy their iPad 2 - presuming that they are content with it now. Do they complain that it is too heavy, too slow, or the screen not crisp enough? Given their use case, why spend an extra 500 euros on a whiz-bang product that will offer a similar experience?

    They'll eke another few years out of the iPad 2 yet.

    Your real dilemma is what to spend your newfound 500 euros on. If I were you, I'd spend it on beer...
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    If the iPad 2 is still doing great for them minus the battery, then why do you need to upgrade all the way to the air 2. It sounds like you have considered letting them continue to use the iPad 2 at least another year or two which will be 5 or even 6 years on a device that most users would consider slow and hard to use at this point.

    That being the case, if upgrading is what you want then why not hunt for a really good deal on an iPad 4 with a nice retina display and only spend €200 or maybe the first air which is still really nice and would be a massive improvement over the iPad 2 despite not being the latest model. With either of these options you could go with 16gb again (which I suspect will suffice) or bump it up to 32gb for not much more and avoid the big price jump to the 64gb model.
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    I would suggest you not spend any money on your iPad 2. It is a model from four years ago and iOS 9 is likely its last upgrade. I would save that money and instead wait for a good iPad Air 3 or iPad Air 2 deal around the holidays.

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