In a way Apple owns Android. literally.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by oplix, Oct 12, 2017.

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    This is a video of the original iPhone reveal featuring Steve Jobs. In this video, Jobs mesmerizes the audience and viewers by introducing a revolutionary device. The iPhone. Jobs also goes on to say that "and boy have we PATENTED it" referring to the multi-touch technology that Apple engineered.

    This is an article from Forbes in 2011. It talks about the different patents that Apple owns and the royalties which Google has to pay to license and create products that use them.

    The irony here being that Android solely exists because of patented innovations that Apple introduced in 2007.

    In essence, every Android device ever created is a direct payment to Apple. Apple is Android's daddy.
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    I am watching this thread for the war you might have just started.
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    Last I checked multi-touch existed much earlier with improvements over time by various entities including Apple.

    Anyway it will be interesting to watch this thread as TheAppleFairy mentioned lol. Fanboys regardless of Apple, Google, etc are interesting creatures that provide great entertainment by fighting over the most trivial things.
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    I don’t understand the dick measuring contest between Apple and Android fanboys. Who the hell cares who did it first? Who the hell cares if you think your choice of mobile devices is the best? Does saying “Apple owns Android” or “Samsung is better than Apple” make people feel superior? It just shows how pathetic someone is if he/she has to invest his/her ego into a phone.
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    Every iPhone includes Samsung components so, in essence, every iOS device ever created is a direct payment to Samsung. Samsung is iPhone's daddy.

    It's not the components, it's what you do with them. It's foolish to try and preach purity. Apple, Samsung, Google... They're all smart enough to buy what they can and invent what they can't buy. All of tech is deeply interdependent.
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    The United States Patent and Trademark Office has flat out denied Apple the trademark for multi-touch technology. Apple detailed its revolutionary multi-touch display to the world with the original iPhone back in 2007. Apple’s trademark request was also filed at that time.

    Apple wanted to trademark Multi-Touch. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has finally ruled that Multi-Touch has a too much of a generic meaning now, not to mention the fact that nearly every smartphone and tablet on the market uses the technology.


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    A lot of these iPhones rely on Samsung components as mentioned, for example, Apple purchased 92 million OLED panels from Samsung for the iPhone X. Apple also establish a contract with LG for future iPhones With OLED panels. So in a sense, they are competitors, but they also rely on each other in terms of support.

    And I would say each smart phone manufacturer is not drastically different over the other In terms of technology, assuming how Face ID is recepted . They all do things differently, but it all depends on what the user takes advantage of.
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    I don't think you know the difference between a trademark and a patent (which is what OP was talking about. The trademark they wanted was just the "Multi-Touch" name it seems.
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    So why isn't Apple collecting royalties for every multitouch Android device out now? Or even suing for using multitouch with out a license? Hint: Apple buys parts from other companies that invented the tech. Apple just happened to be one of the first to buy and use capacitive touchscreens.

    Tim Cook recently was interviewed and said that the tech today doesn't exist for good AR glasses. Translation: they are waiting for someone to invent the tech first so they can order/buy it.
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    Trademarks are used to protect a brand name. Patents are used to protect inventions. So you're trying to say Apple invented the name, not the tech.
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    I didn't watch, and I didn't read this thread. I love my 8 plus, but I think this is a silly statement to make. I don't understand why people invest so much in spending time on forums to prove that their product of choice is the best product. I don't really understand, but anyway....

    One can make the argument that Google owns Apple. Google's services are simple the best. Maps, Google Search, Gmail, etc. If, theoretically (because it would never happen) Google removed their services from Apple, Apple would be in trouble (just ask Microsoft and their mobile platform). It a simple truth. Just recently Apple moved its base search via spotlight/siri on the iPhone back to Google. These two companies, IMO, are done fighting like they used to. Now they are just happy making money off/with each other.

    None of these companies would be happy if the other disappear/refused to work with them.

    - No Google = no google services, world leading AI, etc. People buy iPhone and expect access to Google products. I'd be out the door if Google services disappeared. You may not agree, but a large % of the user base does. Ever been told to go "google" something?

    - No Apple? No apple hardware which leverages Google services and makes Google money.

    -No Samsung? Google is unhappy, as Samsung provides class leading hardware on the Android side, and is the largest o face of Android. Apple (as well as google, and other companies) would be in trouble as well. No Samsung? No iPhone X, at least not yet. Samsung provides screens, cameras, memory, ssds, etc. Literally every single phone OEM probably uses something from Samsung. At least a large majority.

    -No Microsoft? No Office....Macs and iPhone would loose a large professional base. Companies are not going to switch to Apple's work suite over Office.

    -No Sony? Their goes the majority of camera sensors we see in high end phones.

    -No LG? Their goes Apple's future supply of OLED, Google's supply of OLED, etc.

    -No Qualcomm? There goes the processors for most high end android phones. There goes Apple's may supplier of wireless modems (for now at least).

    Do you see the point? Beyond this thread being useless, these companies literally depend on each other. These companies also do what they can to be independent of each other. We can see benefits from this, such as the A11 processor, and possible lower cost. But you never want this dependence, as well as competition to disappear. It works in favor of the consumer.

    Apple doesn't own Android, not even a little. The patent war is is in the past, and good thing. The more royalties a company pays, the higher price the consumer pays.
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    If you don't own shares in Apple or Google, then either way you're owning neither.


    Therefore, by your own metrics, Nokia owns Apple.
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    It sounds like what you don’t understand is the post lol... not what you are talking about.
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    Lol there’s nothing of substance that needs to be “understood”.
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    Who cares, as long as we can all find a phone we like.
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    Dude you just sound like you want to find an outlet to vent unrelated things, that’s all. Don’t get defensive after it’s pointed out.
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    Lol. That’s some classic projection.

    You literally said “Apple is Android’s daddy”, and now you are just mad I called you out.
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    Yea. Classic projection is projecting unrelated context in a way that makes sense to you. Which is what you are doing. I’m sorry if you feel challenged by the fact someone is bringing it to your attention.
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    Don’t take out your frustration on me buddy, I’m not the only one telling you how dumb and pointless this post is.

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