In App-Purchase not possible since security questions

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    I should state that I am from Germany, but since this is a big and active forum I'm hoping for help here.

    Yesterday I exchanged my iPhone 5 at an Apple Store due to a broken camera. Back home I wanted to do an In-App Purchase and was asked 2 security questions since it is a new device for my apple ID. I answered them, but not sure if one of them was 100% correct. However, there was no message whether it was correct or not, the purchase did not work. Since then, no In-App Purchase works at all, I tried like 10 different Apps. App-Store purchases work fine, but not In-App. When I try, after the password prompt, a window appears which reads like (own translation): "The Purchase could not be completed. Please contact support at".

    I obviously contacted support but they are no help at all. They let me work through different KBs articles but nothing works (eg resetting security questions, restoring the phone, logging in and out of the app store etc...).

    One woman wanted to tell me that I should contact the app developer, but thats stupid since no In-App purchase at all works and it all started after the security questions were asked.

    Well maybe someone here has a bright idea :(
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    Call back and tell them you need your account re-enabled...

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