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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by planetf1, Oct 5, 2015.

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    Does anyone know the definition of "background" in the context of the iOS9 battery stats

    There's a number of threads here around facebook battery usage, though it applies to other apps too.

    Clearly background usage may occur when an app is syncing in the background - (background app refresh) or making use of voip, audio streaming etc, but when the stats say "6 hours", what does that mean

    - that the app had the ability to do things whenever it wanted for a duration of 6 hours
    - the active cpu time on background processing was 6 hours
    .... etc.

    I'm trying to understand the *impact* of the background processing on the battery - the former is annoying, the latter is disturbing. Leaving an app without touching for 24 hours would perhaps give the best answer but is quite tricky, and the battery stats won't show finer than 24 hrs...
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    It means it was doing something. Could be refreshing your feed, checking messages, finishing off what it was doing when you had it open.

    In the case of facebook it basically ignores the background app refresh, it does its refreshing ALL THE TIME using the Voip class to bypass iOS saying "Goto sleep". Its really rude really, you dont want it to do it but facebook thinks "I know you said no, but we really think you should". For something which gets just 5 mins of screen time its really rude to take my battery to do 8 hours of background processing. It uses up more power doing things I dont want it do that things I did. So I just use the website now and added a link to my desktop.

    the way I look at it is facebook is a news feed. Much like my BBC news app gives me. The news app uses up 1% of battery while facebook uses up anywhere from 25%-60%. There is no way it should use that much.

    I was reading an interesting thread over on reddit which includes an internal slideshow leaked. It shows that the app is basically one big hack with bits put in place to get things out the door but never visited again to clean them up. Rather than use the various API's that apple has given them to make the user interface and functions they re-wrote everything themselves because as they put it "we are hackers". They are the type of developers who would rather blow their own trumpet by doing things the hard way than use what has been given to them by Apple.

    If battery is troubling you, uninstall facebook for a week and use the mobile site. You will be amazed at how much longer it lasts.
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    It the latter it means that the app has been doing something for that duration.
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    I use on my phones and iPad since I feel that way I have some control over how much battery and how invasive the site is. It give me 95% of the utility of the app without the battery draining, permission hoarding, buggy app.

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