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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Shaun.P, Oct 26, 2008.

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    I wanted to upgrade the headphones that came with my iPhone (3G). I settled on the Shure SE210's. They arrived today, and I had a chance to try them out after work.

    I think they sound awful, and have hardly any bass. Also, even the smallest tips felt painful in my ear.

    So I've packaged them up to return to Amazon. I am too afraid to try another type of in-ear headphone, and I was wondering if anyone would be able to recommend something similar to iPod headphones, only much better quality?

    I was really looking forward to that 'awe' feeling you get when you hear incredible sound. Something similar to when I bought my Harmon Kardon Soundsticks II. The Shure's didn't deliver, and they were not cheap - I think the iPod headphones sounded better.

    Anyway, I would appreciate some feedback on what you would recommend. Thank you.
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    Alot of the sound quality issues have to do with placement although the shure 2 series have never been known for their bass

    the comfort issue also has to do with the 2 series, they are made for a certain shape ear either you love them or you hate them

    you would probably get a lot more satisfaction out of a 3 series
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    If you were expecting a lot of bass then you would be dissapointed. I find the SE310's that I have to be very good. These also are not bass heavy but I have found that music sounds so much better with my SE310's then the others pairs of headphones i have had. I can assure you that the iPod headphones SUCK compared to the shures.

    My guess is that you did not quite get a good fit with the Shures. The sound isolation really is key with in-ear-headphones.

    head on over to and do some reading up on headphones over there. You should find a pair that you like.

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