In London for a week. Which wireless plan should I get?

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    Sep 1, 2009
    My dear British friends,

    I am visiting UK for a week or so and I would be carrying my iPhone (3G S, US - AT&T, jailbroken & unlocked) with me. Which calling / data plan should I get? These are my requirements.

    I am planning to be in the UK for 9 days. So no long term contracts. Ideally some prepaid voice / data plan.

    Does jailbroken & unlocked iPhone 3GS work with all the major providers? T-mobile / O2 / Vodafone? Which one would you guys recommend? Data quality (bandwidth) is my primary concern, voice is secondary.

    I will be roaming around the city with my computer and would want to tether my iPhone to the computer and do a good amount of browsing (browsing, emails, sending documents etc). I have a tethering app from cydia store. So I would like to get an unlimited (or cheap) data plan which can give me 3G speeds. Does any of the carriers offer unlimited data on prepaid phones?

    Any idiosyncrasies with the carries that I need to watch out for?
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    Oct 14, 2008
    Midlands, UK
    I'm not really in the know about the other carriers but o2 (Main iPhone carrier in the UK) has what they call SIMplicity which is a 30 day contract SIM only plan. You can get one for £20 (£19 something) with the unlimited data plan.

    alternative to that you can pickup a normal sim card from them and put on the iPhone web and wifi bolt on for £10

    Someone else might be able to tell you the best network for coverage in London, I'm no where near London so coverage again isn't my strong point. I was there on the weekend and managed to get 3G most of the way there tethered to my laptop in the car.

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