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    Mar 10, 2007
    First off, first time poster - long time mac lover and used to be mac owner - went windoz, now trying to get back in the mac world. with that said, I purchased a PowerMac G4 Dual Processor 1 Gz QuickSilver 2002 (Model M8493) off ebay a couple of days ago - haven't received it yet but am trying to prepare for getting it up and running. It needs a hard drive and memory before I can even start that but first I need to figure out if there is a hope of using the present motherboard/processor and hoped that someone might be able to advise me. Evidently it was purchased as a working machine but when he added his memory and hard drive it quit on him - read below:

    PowerMac G4 Dual Processor QuickSilver 2002 I Gz (Model M8493)—For REPAIR or PARTS.
    This computer will not boot up. The startup chime did ring for a while without booting, but now the power comes on but no chime. The power supply tests Ok and the graphics card works in my other PowerMac. I am not sure what else to check. However, it comes with some great parts:
    • Superdrive (DVD-R/CD burner combo)
    • SCSI Card
    • Zip Drive
    • GEF4MX graphics Card.
    • Does NOT include Hard drive or Memory.

    It's been ages since I've worked on Mac's but he didn't do any real troubleshooting - suggestions? Ideas? Where to start finding out if its savable or just need to buy a new inner works for it? I know I'm asking for the sun and the moon people without much to go on but the first thing I thought of was that old trick of zapping the pram 3 times and then going into the bios (is that right?) and ....okay there my memory goes faulty....might something as simple as that fix it or does it sound like a major deal?

    Once I get my hands on it, more info could be added but I'm very excited about this and can't wait to get off this PC and back to the MAC!!!
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    Feb 17, 2006
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    Well, for the RAM Orca Logic offers a memory finder. Just enter your model and your gold. As for the HD, any standard HD should work as long as it has the right connector (sorry, not sure which connector it is).
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    Well, once you install the ram & an ATA/IDE HD with an OS on it, then you can proceed with some troubleshooting, and a good starting point would be to replace the pram battery on the mobo. They can be had @ RadioSmack or BustBuy for ~$6-10.....


    A) check ALL cables, plugs and so forth for solid, firm connections, inside & out. Dont connect any peripherals other than a mouse & KB when booting it up the 1st time...
    B) check for dust on, around and underneath the mobo, psu, ram slots, pci slots and all port connectors.
    C) Remove the clips and heatsink from above the cpu, then remove and reinstall the cpu to verify that it is properly seated into it's socket and firmly attached onto the mobo. For the clips, make a note how they were oriented when you remove them.... the pressure point MUST be set so that it is directly over the top of the cpu contact area, and NOT to the front of it
    D) The 1st time you push the power button, have the case open so you can verify that the fans and HD spin up right away, and the little red leds on the mobo light up

    At some point in the above steps, you should get some good indicators as to any known problems, and hopefully fix them as you go

    Good luck, and please post back with a progress report :p
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    Mar 10, 2007
    Excellent advice - and thank you - would not have thought about replacing the battery there - I'll do that first off!! I've got the memory and hard drive ordered and on the way - will hook things up as recommended and follow thru - I promise to get back to you all with the results too. Thanks so much for the advice!!
  5. lunatik2 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 10, 2007
    advice worked!!

    Unbelievably - fixing the pram worked perfectly - I swapped memory and hard drive from another computer and with new pram battery, it fired right up! Now I have two G4's....the one I wrote about and I snagged another one that is also a G4, 1ghz, M8570 mirror door. Bad graphic card is all that is wrong with it and that happened AFTER I started messing with it and hooked up (I guess) the wrong monitor to it. now I have to replace the graphic card....can anyone tell me if I can simply buy ANY Radeon 9800 or is there a difference between one for a mac or PC or is it simply the drivers for it?

    Also, isn't the new one I bought also a dual processor? Anyone know?

    Thanks again -

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