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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by twisted-pixel, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Sep 13, 2009
    San Jose, CA
    Hi all,

    I recently jumped ship from windows mobile (Touch HD) as I was getting fed up of windows' cllunky interface and sometimes endlesss hanging while it decided whetehr or not it was going to open my text messages!!

    so, I've got myself a 3GS.....

    now, there are some things I like, some things I love...and some things that infuriate me!!

    anyay...I can't seem to find a way of setting different tones for different alerts (SMS, email, meeting reminder etc) this not possible? and is there seriously only 6 tones to choose from? no custom option??

    On my WM device there were two programs that I simply couldn't live without. One was SPB Mbile shell which gave me a today screen with things like, the time, missed calls, unread SMS, mail, weather etc. I've found something caled intelliscreen which prett much does all that so that's good.

    The other program was PhoneAlarm. This has two main features. The first was a profile switcher which would change the profile on my phone automatically and used to save me masses of battery power. At 11 each night it would switch itself to flight mode and therefore use almost no power at all, then switch itself to 'home' at 6.30, then to 'work' at 8 (turning off push email, bluetooth etc) thus only using the things I needed when I needed them and making my battery last as long as possible. It's second function was to allow me almost limitless options for each profile. eg, I could set tones for each function depending on the profile and then set reminders (in case I missed an sms etc because the flashing light was so hard to see....and infact non existent on the iphone) and so on.

    I've been trying myprofiles but it's a bit hit and miss...

    so, my question (apologies for the long intro) does anyone know of a reliable profile switcher?

    many thanks
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    Apr 11, 2009
    I wish. That level of customization isn't available unless you jailbreak your phone. Apple doesn't allow it out of the box.

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