@ in Parallels?


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Jan 2, 2012
Hi there! Almost embarasing question here, but I been looking all over and found nothing!
I just got my Imac and installed Parallels 7 on it. Everything OK, but how do you write @ while in windows???? I mean, I can use the character map thing, but any shortcut like, command + something??

Dark Dragoon

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Jul 28, 2006
What physical keyboard layout do you have?
Also what keyboard layout are you using in Windows?

It might just be something like having an International English keyboard, and having Windows set to standard UK format (not Parallels UK format) which would cause the @ and " to be swapped along with some others.


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Jan 9, 2012
Hi badilla,
If you are using United States (Apple) Parallels or just US keyboard layout in Windows - then you should press Shift+2 keys, if you the layout is UK, then you should hit Shift+'
if it is UK (Apple) Parallels - it is Shift+2
Actually, @ and " are swapped in UK and US layouts.
Check the layout:
You can also bring up On-screen keyboard (Start >All programs>Accessories>Ease of Access> on-screen keyboard) and check for the symbol if you use other than US or UK keyboard layout.
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