In the absence of a 'multiple forum selector': marking multiple nodes (forums, sub-forums) as read

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    An example

    I might wish to occasionally mark, as read, everything in the 'iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch' and 'iOS Blog Discussion' areas.

    I can make a browser window that comprises one tab for each of the following:
    – or something like that.

    Essentially, a collection where each link both:
    • prepares for personal pretence about an area of disinterest; and
    • is nonspecific about the period of each pretence.
    In the absence of a single-step option to directly mark, as read, selected items, workarounds can include the following combination:
    • single-step preparation to indirectly mark, as read, preselected items; followed by
    • multiple steps to confirm each prepared pretence.
    In plain english:
    1. collect, in a window, one tab for each sub-forum where unread things are to be marked as read
    2. in each tab, click the ambiguously-worded 'Mark Forums Read' button
    3. use your web browser to create a single bookmark for all tabs within that window
    – 1, 2, 3 … no letter 'p'.

    Side note: wondering about permissions

    None of the following work because although forums 179, 180 and 181 are presented as such (in breadumb trails and the like) –
    – respectively, the iPad, Apple Watch and iOS forums – none of those forums can be treated as a forum for the pretence of reading all content.

    @arn or staff: without knowing about permissions in XenForo, I wonder whether an exceptional permission – at, for example, nodes 179, 180 and 181 – might allow less verbosity in workarounds such as the one above. Something like, a combination of:
    • disallow new threads; plus
    • allow all unread content to be marked as read.
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    Actually it's seem like this could be done with a user view option. I's also like to not see the iOS section to include the iOS blog as well as a few others.
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    I added to the topic in XenForo Community.

    @lowendlinux please, can you elaborate?

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