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    Jun 21, 2013
    Please allow us to introduce you to our game called IN THE DEEP which breaks the nowadays rules of using Unreal engine just for FPS or 3PvAction games.
    Developing something simple and fun was our main motivation.

    Be absorbed by the deepness of the ocean and dive as deep as you can.

    Thank you


    Enter the bubble world and discover your skills IN THE DEEP of the ocean. A challenging gameplay for all ages with amazing visuals and music. Collect oxygen bubbles, make combos, collect stars and try to survive as long as possible. Be one of the best in the leaderboards.

    "In The Deep is visually and sonically hypnotising in its minimalism" ---

    "I think you will keep this game on your idevices because every time you think "I can do better"" ---

    - Simple concept, lots of fun

    - A unique visual experience

    - Endless gameplay

    - Test your reflexes

    - Easy-to-use swipe and touch controls

    - Game center achievements and leaderboards

    - To survive, absorb oxygen represented by blue bubbles



    Our webpage:

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    Jun 21, 2013
    Gameplay footage

    We prepared for you some gameplay footage of our game. Look forward to hear your feedbacks and doesn't matter if is good or bad ;)


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