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    I have a friend who works for Verizon Wireless in the call center (customer service). Heres some info:

    **UPDATE 2/6/11**
    Info on iPad 2 - A non-final version of the iPad 2 is in the hands of Verizon (probably in the hands of AT&T also) for Field Engineers to test real world results. The location of the device is in Charlotte, NC. Verizon has 3 such devices and all of them are of the same model. The one that was spotted during the Daily Event was infact an iPad 2 running on Verizon network. The model was running iOS 4.3 beta 2. Unfortunately the iPad 2 for Verizon will not have LTE.

    - Customer service consultants are restricted to take vacation days in the month of February in anticipation of the release of the iphone.

    - Customer service reps and all Tiers of technical support have received training on the iPhone. Since no one has a demo of the actual Verizon iPhone, some of the trainers have brought in AT&T revision of the iPhone to demonstrate. Training sessions for call center is for 1 hour long and training sessions for technical support are about 2 hours long.

    - On February 10th call centers will be buying lunch and dinner for the call center in celebration of the iPhone launch and to encourage people not to go outside the office for lunch. For example the Upstate NY call center in Henrietta, NY (Rochester, NY) will be ordering pizza and wings from a local pizzeria.

    - Paper handouts made by corporate training will highlight iPhone Verizon vs Iphone AT&T will be available to all reps.

    - A special database to input any issues with Verizon Iphone will be available to the reps (If you have problems, it is very important you call and tell them!). All info will be viewed by corporate in real time. Verizon iPhone Project Managers will be working with Apple Engineers hour by hour with any issues.

    - A "War Room" has been set up at Verizon Corporate office. The War Room has Verizon Network Engineers, Radio Specialists and various Vice Presidents. Also representing are Apple Project Managers. The Customer Service Director of each call centers will have access to call this War Room directly.

    - Call center management is encouraged to decorate their call center that day. For example one call center is decorating there call center with mylar balloons.

    - Call center supervisors will be working overtime that day to ensure full coverage for the reps. Be nice to the supervisors, they are salary and are not compensated for there overtime.

    - Most call centers are instituting mandatory overtime for reps, supervisors and managers the week of the iPhone launch because lack of people (Turn over is starting to increase as the economy gets better. People are quitting to get better jobs). They really need more people! If you need a job, see below.

    - The reps are trained to upsell on text messaging plans. Reps are paid additional commission if they sell higher text plans.

    - A demo of the iPhone will be made available on the 7th for all reps to demo. A minimum of 1 phone will be available to all call centers and 1 for technical support. Reps are allowed to play with the phone only during lunch.

    - Team Leaders will not be at there desk at all that day (Feb 10th). They will be walking around in there team's areas in case someone needs help. The only time they will be at there desk is if all supervisors are all on escalations and need more people to help them.

    - Verizon Wireless has been staffing there call centers for the past 3 months in anticipation of the iphone launch. Any employee hired during November is considered a "iphone launch rep". HINT: All Verizon Wireless call centers are hiring additional employees for the next anticipated launch.. *cough* ipad 2 CDMA.

    - If you are interested in being a customer service rep, apply online at the website. The starting pay for a customer service rep is $10 - $14 an hour depending upon your experience. Training consists of 8 weeks. 6 weeks in class and 2 weeks out of the floor taking easy calls (no billing cue calls). They are hiring in Rochester NY, Lincoln NE, Dublin OH, Beachwood OH.. etc.. in all call centers! If hired, you will probably start within 3 weeks of your interview and will be out on the floor in April just in time for the iPad 2 launch.

    The hours during your 8 week training is 8am to 5pm (Verizon gives 1 hour lunches). But after your no longer in training you get the crap hours such as 3p to 12a or a "split shift" (its good for moms who want to be home for there kid when they come home from school) you come in from 8a to 12p but then you come back the same day and work 8p to 12a. However, the longer you work there, you can do a "shift bid" and try to get better hours. My friend said it took about 4 months until he/she (I am trying to keep this person as anonymous as possible because they are my friend and source!) got the hours they wanted (8a to 5p).

    I have info on the iPad 2 which I will post at a later date.
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    What up, 212?!
    No surprise... it's a big event and Verizon is stepping up its game, even if the every day consumer doesn't see what's happening behind the scenes.
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    Post it or you don't have it :)
  4. 184550 Guest

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    QFT incase you 'forget'. ;)
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    I think it is silly of Verizon to not allow their employees to buy an Verizon iPhone4 now, so they don't keep it away from customers that may be out of stock or some **** ?

    Wouldn't you want you're employees running around with iPhone4's, let them get comfortable with it, so they can answer questions on it easier.
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    Pontillos FTW!!!
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    At&t does the same thing, I guess they don't consider employees to be customers.
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    Its not that. Employees are basically 100% going to buy a phone from the compny they work for because they get a discount. Its a sure thing.

    However, someone who walks into a Verizon or AT&T store to find out that they don't have any more might walk into a competing store to get service from a competitor.

    Sounds small time until you realize that AT&T has 300,000 employees. If only 5% of these people buy phones, then that is still 15,000 plans/phones that they don't sell to other customers.

    15,000 2 year plans X $80 a month for two years is 28 million dollars.
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    Also, what's the point of having the product if your employees suck up part of the initial stock and make it harder for customers to get the product at its launch?

    Then there'd be a thousand threads here about how X went to the Verizon store to buy an iPhone and they were all sold out but all the employees had one. :rolleyes:
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    Great info OP, I'll be waiting to hear on the info regarding the iPad 2 :)
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    Lies. Total BS. I call shenanigans on the OP.

    No chance does he have a friend.

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    I'm not sure what you mean. What part of the original post is so unbelievable?
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    He was joking that he doesnt have any friends
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    Interesting that Verizon has their own tech support for the iPhone? With AT&T all tech support questions re: iPhone are automatically referred/transferred to apple because apple wants all tech support for their own products.
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    As far as employees not being allowed to purchase the iPhones, I believe that even Apple has the same policy. Employees are not to purchase an iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. until the mayhem of the first days are over.

    Best Buy has the same policy, as I've asked reps in the local store when they are going to get some new gadget and they normally tell me that they have to wait about a month after the release of the item to be able to purchase it with their discount.
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    Does AT&T have their own iPhone support center? I can recall being transferred to Apple Care support, when calling AT&T Customer Care for help with my original iPhone, back in 2007.
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    I have info on the winner of the 2012 Presidential election, which I will post at a later date.
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