In-Wall iPad Mini Mount


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Jul 9, 2008
I have found a bunch of different ways to do this but I'd like a mount that sits flush in the drywall that holds an iPad mini but also charges it. The screen will pretty much always be on, no passcode and will be used to control home-kit scenes, sonos speakers and check the weather (on-site weather station).

I'd like the mount to be reliable enough that you can tap and click and type w/o the mount falling through the wall but also easily removable so the iPad can be taken outside to the patio to control music.


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Aug 11, 2011
Kennesaw, GA
Yeah, your use case is different since you don't care about the iPad being removeable, but that's why I mentioned they weren't cheap. That acrylic case would work well but I'm not fond of it aesthetically speaking.
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Sep 22, 2015
it wouldn't be too hard to make something for your specific case, you wouldn't really even need to buy something special for the iPad...

-cut an ipad-sized hole in the drywall, and fill & sand the raw edges
-insert a board, or another larger piece of drywall behind the hole, to create a recessed slot for the ipad to sit in.
-screw/bolt in board, and fill holes.
-fill & paint as required
-stick iPad into hole with one of those micro-suction pads, and wire accordingly.
- you could use drywall tape, or a thin aluminium bridge to cover the lightning plug, and fill over the top.
- you'd need some kind of collar on the lightning plug to stop it falling back down into the hole in the drywall, but it could be loose, rather than fitted, so that you can remove the iPad from the wall safely when you need to replace/upgrade/move.
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