inadvertent itunes app purchase -ipad


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Apr 8, 2007
My fault, but still... I was playing with an app and buying stuff at the "store" in the app. A pop up screen asked if I wanted to buy an item and I thought it was at the fake store! $40.00 later I get an email that I've bought accessories for the app at itunes. Anything I can do?


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Jul 23, 2002
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Definitely contact Apple. I had a free app change from "free" to "paid" during a purchase. They refunded.

My folks bought a season of a show off of iTunes, and their computer would not play it (gray screen) iTunes refunded.

As long as you do not make it look like a habit, they should do it for you and warn you it was a one-time courtesy.


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Oct 31, 2007
Austin, TX
There should be a "Report a Problem" link in your email receipt.

Otherwise go to the iTunes Store in iTunes. If you are logged into your store account, your email address should be at the top right of the window. Click it and select 'Account'. On the Account screen there should be a 'Purchase History' button. On the History screen, click the grey arrow to the left of the invoice with the mistakenly purchased item and then click the resulting 'Report a Problem' button beneath the detailed invoice. You can then click the 'Report a Problem' link next to the item in question. There is an option in the resulting form in the drop down list for 'I inadvertently purchased this item'.
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