iPad Inateck Keyboards: Cheap Bluetooth Keyboards for Those on a Budget

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    I review other tech products on Amazon and even a few iPhone cases on here and have never had a problem stating the truth if the product does not meet my expectations. So far Inateck has been able to impress me with the high quality and super low price of their products. That being said here is my review of two new bluetooth keyboards I have been using for the past few weeks:

    Finding a suitable Bluetooth keyboard can be a difficult prospect because most keyboards are either too expensive, too flimsy or large to be carried around, or just not good enough to use for an extended period of time. Inateck has set out to alleviate each of these issues. For review, Inateck provided me with both the BK1001E or Ultra Slim Keyboard and the BK1002E which is the White Apple Style keyboard. My review will be focused on the White Apple Style keyboard but I will discuss the Ultra Slim Model as well.

    Both keyboards look really great but the Apple Style keyboard to me is the winner in the looks department. It is shaped very closely to the official Apple Bluetooth keyboard with white keys. In fact the dimensions of the Inateck model are nearly identical to the Apple keyboard, which is fantastic. Even the layout of the keys is basically the same. So what that means is if you are used to the Apple keyboard layout you will feel right at home with this model. The Apple Style keyboard has a brushed aluminum look and feels smooth to the touch but doesn’t pick up fingerprints. I especially like the ridge that props the keyboard up on an angle for easier typing. The rubber feet keep the Apple Style keyboard in place on most surfaces as well.

    The Ultra Slim keyboard feels a bit less premium to me than the Apple version and I am not particularly fond of the felt/cloth backing of the Ultra Slim which can get dirty if you plan on taking the keyboard with you from place to place. In fact the Ultra Slim keyboard is slimmer than a few of my iPad Air keyboard cases which is amazing when you think about it. This is so slim that I wouldn’t have any problem fitting it in my small brief case. Being able to whip out a slim keyboard like this at any time has great benefits. Another benefit to the Ultra Slim keyboard are how quiet the keys are when typing (a bit quieter than the Apple Style keyboard)

    In my weeks testing these products I have found the travel of the keys to be very good (much better on the Apple style than the Ultra Slim for obvious reasons but both awesome none the less). In fact the Ultra Slim model is just as good or better than the two keyboard cases I purchased for $50 and $75 for my iPad Air.

    Both keyboards had no trouble connecting and staying connecting to my iPhone 5, iPad Air, Macbook Air 2014 model, and my iMac. Pairing is super easy for both keyboards. I appreciated the low battery light on the Apple keyboard model but found it a bit frustrating not to have a caps lock indicator (a minor annoyance for sure). The Ultra Slim keyboard has three indicators Bluetooth, Caps Lock, and Power. I wish the Apple Style keyboard had included the extra light indicators but this is not a deal breaker

    The Apple style keyboard uses two AAA batteries (official Apple keyboard uses two AA). I have been using this keyboard for a few weeks and the rechargeable batteries have not ran out yet. The Ultra Slim keyboard uses NO BATTERIES AT ALL, which is great because you can just recharge it and not worry about running out of batteries. It comes with a micro USB cable for easy charging.
    An important point to realize is that BOTH Inateck keyboards worked great with my Android tablet (Nexus 7), windows PC, and of course all my Apple products. The Amazon page may stress that the Ultra Slim is a Windows model but I had absolutely no issues using it with my Apple products especially my iPad Air.

    Inateck has done it again. They have released two products to compete with high priced counterparts (Apple official Bluetooth keyboard and iPad/tablet keyboard cases) that not only match but beat the official products in ease of use, build quality, and most importantly PRICE! The official Apple keyboard costs $70 almost 3x the cost of the Inateck. Most tablet keyboards are at the cheapest $30-40 and don’t have the premium feeling and super thin profile of the Ultra Slim model.

    Overall, depending on if you are going to need to carry the keyboard with you or if you prefer to use it on your desk, both Inateck keyboards offer a solution for anyone looking for a cheap, reliable, and beautiful alternative to the pricey Bluetooth keyboards on the market


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    Thanks for the review. Looked at this, ended up with the Amazon Basics Keyboard, but if I don't like it I might give this a shot.

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