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    I use google inbox as my main mail app however quite often I receive emails or visit certain sites where I have to contact customer service via email for example and clicking on their email address asks me to open up the default apple mail app.

    Ideally I'd like to setup gmail on the default mail app but only for the purposes of sending out emails. My concern here is that I dont want the setup to affect the original emails on the gmail server in anyway. I've heard of instances where downloading emails via imap to third party mail programs will delete emails on the source server.

    Can anyone guide me through the process to setup the mail app without having this happen?

    Thanks in advance
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    IMAP won't delete your emails or anything like that simply as far as you accessing them (unless you delete them yourself of course), so you are fine setting up Gmail in the regular Mail app and not having it affect anything basically (you might want to set it to check for mail manually only so that it won't check for new mail on its own and turn off notifications for the Mail app as you won't be using those).
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    I've never heard of emails disappearing off the server just because they were redownloaded with another app or device.

    I will tell you this, though, since I have a gmail account. I have noticed that if I respond to an email from a friend in my inbox, gmail makes an assumption and tags that email as something else. The email I responded to then 'disappears' from my inbox and I have to actually view that list gmail tagged it as to see it again.

    This happens to me inside a web browser. Haven't seen if it happens actually inside the mail app though as I don't usually use the mail app to respond to my gmail.

    Anyway, I wonder if that might be part of what you mention.

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