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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Benjamindaines, Sep 25, 2008.

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    I've started carrying around my MBP, it is in a pocket between one with folders and a text book in it, and other with a whole bunch of random needed things in it. Currently I am using a sleeve but would like some more protection (specifically from anything happening to the screen). I'm thinking about getting the Incase hard shell (the only one made for the 17 inch MBP) but I've been told that you can't put the screen back very far, how bad is this issue? Does anyone have any side by side photos of how far the screen goes back with and without the case on?


    PS: Also if you have any other recommendations, please let me know.
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    This has been covered in the monstrous thread about Incase Hard Shells, but I'll answer that for you...

    I just used my friend's MBP and it had the incase shell on it. It was a 15.4", but as far as I know the screen angle is about the same. It hardly went past 90 degrees, and I found it very tough to use. I thought about getting a hardshell, but I think I'll wait for the new MBP, since they'll need a new shell design (hopefully) and maybe they'll fix the problem.
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    May 6, 2008
    I bought the incase shell - and honestly didn't care for it at all. I returned it and picked out an incase nylon sleeve (basically a streamlined briefcase) instead.

    my dislikes
    -It seemed to exacerbate the warping of the lid
    -I hated the angle limit - I'm sitting at a desk right now, and i have the angle open wider than the case would have allowed - and when I sit on a floor, bed, or couch, the angle was impossible - there may be a workaround...

    my likes
    -it was a slick case, I'm sure it would have kept the mbp more scratch free
    -it had a nice tactile feel - not as slick
    -very secure once installed (it doesn't seem like it though - but when i took it off to return, it took forever to get each half off)

    overall -
    i decided that a quality sleeve that kept it protected when not in use was a better choice for me than a case that got in the way during use.

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