Incase Nylon iPad Sleeve case w/handle (and on clearance at Target too!)

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    This is by far the best quality and fit I've seen for an ipad sleeve. I've used tons of incase stuff (iphone, macbook pro, previous ipad neoprene sleeve) and they're all amazing quality. I currently have an iPad neoprense sleeve but sometimes I want a pocket on the outside for the mophie external battery / cable (mostly just for my iphone) - this fits the bill and also are made of the same durable material I'm used to on their messenger bags.

    Incase nylon sleeve w/ handles - original price is $39.99 and was half off on clearance at Target for $20. Probably because it's made for the iPad 1 but it actually fits the 2 better - it was too snug on my parent's ipad 1. At this price it's a steal - my local Target had 10 of these on clearance on the other side electronics (they put them as far away from the regular priced accessories as possible.


    -Fits great with smart cover on or off
    -Lining inside is grey plush material that feels super soft
    -The zipper is lined so you'll never have to worry about the zipper scratch the ipad even if you're doing it quickly.
    -Has a little wiggle room so it will fit with smart cover + a thin back-only ace
    -Handles is useful (can be stowed away)
    -Great quality nylon used.
    -Same thickness as my sleeve but way better protection (corners feels like it's padded)
    -Has outside pocket for cables, headphones or other small accessories (a flat stand for your ipad would fit great here)

    -No strap capability
    -Tucking away the handles make the case bulky
    -No zipper for the pocket in the back - not a big deal but would have been nice.

    Conclusion - to date (for both the iPad 1 and 2) it is by far the best sleeve style case in my opinion. It looks professional and feels great in your hand. If you are using other Incase bags it'll all look great together. I use my iPad as a portfolio and therefore the case needs to look professional and high-end when I walk into a meeting. This case does just that while protecting the iPad during transport. At $40 retail it is still a good deal considering most good sleeves at already at $30. This feels more like a bag in terms of function but has the form (thinness) of a neoprene sleeve.

    Rating 4.5/5 for comfort, ease of use, and high quality material.

    Link to INCASE product page:



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    Just went to my local Target to pick this up.... no where in sight. :(

    I was surprised to see several iPad2s in stock however. A shame since I've been waiting for so long for my iPad 2, which shipped yesterday.

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