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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by los318, Dec 9, 2010.

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    I've been using the Slider for about two months now and I found it to be a great case. The only issue is of course the bubbling of screen protectors. Last Friday I ordered a Switcheasy CapsuleRebel after checking out a few reviews. I didn’t need another case as I was perfectly happy with my Slider but I wanted another :) So I’m going to try to compare the two as much as good as I can. Sorry no pics as I’m writing this from work..(2nd home)

    Packaging and included items:
    Both came packaged very well and very well protected. The Switcheasy did come with more included though and was $5 less then the Slider ($35 for Incase Slider vs. $30 for Switcheasy). The Slider included a stand and the case. That’s it pretty much. Switcheasy included two screen protectors, a stand; port covers for 30pin and 3.5mm (2 of each), a microfiber cloth and two universal stand adaptors. Switcheasy gave you everything you’ll need. The included screen protectors are of the ultra clear kind and a little draggy but very nice. I’d say they are very good quality SP’s and I think I’ll be happy with them. I tried SGP’s and these from Switcheasy are better I’d say. I would talk about install of the SP but I suck at putting them on anyway so I won’t go there.

    Iphone 4 Fit and Install:
    Installing the Slider case was as easy as sliding the top part on, then sliding the bottom part on. Nothing major there but it did take a little push to get the top part on. It’s a tight fit. Installing the CapsuleRebel was more involved though. It’s a two part case, a softer TPU and a harder shell frame. Putting the TPU under layer on was tight. I had to put the volume button side first then the other side next. Everything snapped in place. Next was putting the outer shell part on. That was very tight. There are volume button cut outs on the shell so I put that side on first again then really had to work at snapping the four corners of the case on. The fit for both cases are tight. I’d have to say though that the Switcheasy is much tighter then the Incase was. I’d have to take my slider off once a week to clean it but I can’t imagine anything getting into the Switcheasy case though but time will tell.

    I really liked the feel of the Incase Slider. It was soft touch plastic and added very little bulk to the phone. It had a generous lip so you can lay the phone on the table face down with no issues. It also had a little grip to it so it was easy to hold on too and didn’t slide. The flip side to this is that it was also a little hard to pull out of my pants pocket. Also the case is all flat so I could lay it on the table flat with no issues. The CapsuleRebel is different though. Both cases have a very sturdy feel to them. You’d feel confident if it fell out of your hands for some reason. The Switcheasy I think has a sturdier feel though. Maybe it’s the tightness of the case but it also feels slightly less bulky then the Slider. On the downside though, its slicker then the Slider though. I think Switcheasy should try to make the TPU outside a softer touch for added grip. The spine of the CapsuleRebel case does help though. I’m really enjoying the spine feeling in my hands. Its feels more comfortable in it I’d say. You can us e the spine and added ridges to grip the phone. Some will not like the spine though. It’s not flat on the backside so it’ll wobble a little if you’re trying to type while laying it on the table. I don’t do that so the spine isn’t an issue for me but some do and it will be an issue for them. You’ll have to hold your phone for better typing if your one of those.

    Button Cutouts:
    Incase put cutouts for all the buttons. The sleep, volume and mute buttons are all easy to reach but a little recessed. If you have chubby fingers it may be a little difficult to get to them. After putting the Slider on I missed the feeling of the volume buttons on my fingers. I didn’t like them recessed but it was something I could live with. With the CapsuleRebel, they are back! Switcheasy put tactile buttons on the TPU case. They feel very good and have a good clicky feeling when using them. The mute button on the Switcheasy is a little harder to reach then the Incase though. I think the reason for this is because Incase has one big cutout for the volume and mute buttons. Switcheasy only has the mute button cut out and the volume buttons covered. Just because Switcheasy mute is harder to reach then the Incase, that doesn’t mean it’s at all difficult though. I was able to switch the button while it was in my pants pocket with little change to the motion. The mic and camera cutouts are pretty big. I haven’t tried a picture with the CapsuleRebel but reports from other reviews have said no flash issues with either case. The 3.5mm cutout size is big enough that all but the largest sizes shouldn’t have a problem fitting. I didn’t have any issues with the 30 pin connector cut with either case. I tried a stock cable and griffin cable with no issues.

    I really enjoyed both cases. I used the Incase Slider for two months now and just switched over to the Switcheasy CapsuleRebel. I’ll be keeping my CapsuleRebel on for sure though. I like the case feeling more. It feels sturdier to me and I like the feeling when holding it. As an added bonus, I also like the looks of it. Both cases though are highly recommended for protection. If you can live with Incase’s screen protector lifting or Swicheasy’s slight slickness you’ll be very happy with either.

    I hope this helps at least one person! Again, sorry for the lack of pictures, I’ll try to edit some in when I get home. And please forget my grammer mistakes..i aint no english major 

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    Nice post! A friend of mine has the Switch Easy Rebel Capsule and it looks like a nice case.
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    Thanks for the review...capsule rebel is one of my for the incase i wouldnt know...but ive never been a fan of their cases.
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    yeah i'm working on day 2 of the case and i have to say i'm fully impressed with the Switcheasy. I really like the case and I'm even getting a few compliments on it. It feels really good to hold and the spine helps a lot while talking on the phone. V
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    Thanks for detailed post.

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