Incipio Dual Pro Shine vs Apple Leather Case

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by jimbo1mcm, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Ip6. I had a leather case and was worried the phone would bend, so I got an Incipio Dual Pro Shine. The fit of the Incipio is perfect on the 4.7 IP6. The bezel area on the front is slightly fatter than the leather. The back is a nice shiny aluminum type finish. The Incipio logo is on the back. It weighs slightly more than the leather.

    I tested the rigidity of the Incipio vs Leather in 3 areas:

    1. Bend test from inside to outside. Incipio was slightly more rigid.

    2. Bend test from outside to inside. Incipio was slightly more rigid.
    ( interestingly, the bend that I did generate with my fingers was starting near the volume buttons, not in the center of the phone)

    3. Twist. The Incipio was at least twice plus more rigid than the leather in a twist.

    I believe the Incipio would give significantly more protection to the IP6 vs the leather case.

    My problem: The bottom of the Incipio has cutouts. This prevents some of my car accessories( pro clips holder) from allowing the lightning cord to make contact. Therefore I am returning it and keeping the leather.

    The Incipio is a very, very nice product. It fits perfectly and will provide protection.
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    I found the incipio to be far to slippery. If you want a good incipio product for the 6/6 plus try the NGP. It's grippy and thin with decent protection
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