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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by anti-microsoft, Jan 22, 2009.

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    So a couple of weeks ago I went with my Dad to check out this recently opened Apple Premium Reseller store and boy was I disappointed with the staff and service! We were wanting to do a couple of things. First, my dad wanted some speakers for his iPhone. We went over to the iPod Speaker section and the selection was very poor: 4 different speaker models, I mean WTF? Knowing that some speaker models don't offer iPhone compatibility I asked the guy in the store witch ones were. The answer was all of them. Fine, I thought, let's go and try them out. The First set worked fine, the second made the not made for iPhone error message appear, the third as well and so did the fourth! So I went back to the guy and said: "You said that all the speakers were compatible with iPhone and yet on 3/4 of them an error message pops-up" He said: "What's wrong with that? Just say no to the message." So I was like WTF?! I also brought my MacBook with me because the Combo Drive wasn't working. I asked him how much would it cost to replace the Combo Drive? He said 200€. I said fine, but could I upgrade it to a Super Drive? He said no, that wouldn't be possible since the computer is configured with a Combo Drive. I thought what a load of Bollocks! On the OWC website it says you can upgrade a 1.83GHz Rev A MacBook with a Super Drive! Then I asked him, what external drives could I purchase? He said well you have the MacBook Air Super Drive you could use. By this time I was really pissed off. Honestly! Everyone knows you can't use the MacBook Air superdrive with anything else except the MacBook Air!

    Why does this guy start an Apple store without knowing the basics?

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    You have some growing-up to do.

    Sales people are sales people. They are not engineers. The best you can hope for is that they are Mac buffs. For most, they work at the store to earn a living. Period.

    My advice to you: Do not go to a store to test its personnel. Go there to buy the goods that you need and want.

    Educate yourself. Determine your needs. Walk into the store. Select what you need. Look over the other inventory to see if you might want something that you had not thought of. If you don't see what you want, then ask the sales people about help in getting it. When you have everything that you intend to buy, see the check out clerk, pay for your purchases, and leave.
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    read ^

    In addition,

    Apple Premium Reseller is not an Apple Store. It's a RESELLER store.

    Speakers would work even if the "not made for iPhone" message comes up.

    Apple does not offer part upgrading services. That part is true.

    Yes, OWC offers you parts for upgrade. However OWC is not part of Apple. You have to do it yourself or find a third party to do the upgrade.
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    Apple sale Rep's

    yeah sure their NOT engineers.

    But they are suppose to talk a lot of training.

    There is the chance that since it as a new store, that not all the sales people were up to date on there training.

    Make sure you talk to a Mac Tech and not a sales agent.

    And always check the mac website before you shop at any store, that way you can print out what you need and take it with you to the store.

    Also, when you have a question , Call the Call tech Support, they have much more training and a lot of list they can refer you too for 3rd party hardware help.

    Mac sales peps may be somewhat knowledgeble, but ony with Apple SW and HW.. it would be rare to find someone in sales that knows about all the different 3rd party HW compatables with any Apple product.

    Also, when you have this type of issue, always go look for the manger and tell them about what happened. They can't improve on the service if they don't know how bad it is.

    Good luck
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    My point is guys that imagine if someone who new nothing about Apple walked into the store? He would be getting all sorts of wrong advice! Imagine if I where a newbie that had just bought a mac and wanted an external optical drive and in my case bought the MacBook Air SuperDrive? I'd be extremely disappointed!


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